Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Hello everyone! I’m happily back to blogland  after a month or so and I can sincerely say I missed this little  blog of mine and you , a lot.
 I was away for the whole month of August and with no internet connection!
It is good to keep some distance from the social media for some time, I think,and come back with recharged batteries and  ready for fresh beginnings. 
Anyway, we are already reaching the mid of September and summer, though it is still quite warm and sunny in my country, seems quite distant. I’m quite happy autumn is here  and with being back at home , although dealing with a  lot of  having -to- do lists is sometimes overwhelming.
This time of year my little secret pleasure is when I spot, in the wild , the first cyclamens growing in moist soil  with their delicate petals and soft , pink colour and the most delicate but intense smell. I can’t resist picking some of them up and bringing them home. I arrange them in a tiny vase along with some green leaves and always feel the same sweet feeling every time I rest my eyes on them.
Schools started yesterday in Greece but I’m still on maternity leave for few more months , so I spend the days with my little one who’s growing fast and forming his own personality with his  own preferences , likes, dislikes and needs. 
 My camera unfortunately refuses to work and I can't take pictures to show you bits and pieces of  my everyday world and crafts (snif) but one of my short term goals is to buy a new one -which I should have done ages ago... - so that I can be able again to indulge in one of my most pleasurable activities: taking pictures and sharing them with others.

 I wish you all a lovely Autumn  with many creative ideas  for crafts and activities that make our lives happier and a lot better . My love to all ,
Tina xxx

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Happy August !

I'm happy to be back after a long time . I was busy with all the things that occupy a mother's day and also travelling a little bit to  summer destinations .
 Time flies really and we are already  in August . It's the time for vacations for most people in Greece as this is when they  take their holiday leaves.Wherever you  travel to there are hordes of people with suitcases and  swim wear . It's nice . It's the time when adults become children again.   You see them splashing in and out of the sea, playing rackets , lying on  sunbeds for hours and eating ice creams.
 Summer living in Greece is very different from the  rest of the seasons. It's the heat , the strong sun, the turquoise  sea, the clear, blue skies that make you want to hang  out  all day ,getting suntanned and  making the most of it all!!
Summer is my favourite time of year and this is because it's the time when I indulge im some favourite activities.: daydreaming sitting on a beach 'chair' feeeling  the sand under my toes,
  watching all sorts of sea vessels and 'making' some ,

hanging bunting in the garden,
decorating with happily coloured cushions and reading magazines,
 watching the sea and the distant horizons,
  painting pebbles and offering  them to friends,
photographing the flowers in my little garden, crocheting,
 and of couse spending some care free time with my family  on the beach and near it !!

 (This is the old port in Chania, Crete which we visisted last week)
 (The light house at the entrance of the port in Chania)
 (The sun set  in the Corinthean Gulf , in the Peloponnese))
 Bye, bye for now my friends,
Happy August to all of you and my wishes for many, many lovely moments with the people you love.

Tina xxxx

Monday, June 5, 2017

The Christening

Some weeks ago we christened our little boy. It was a great day for us and our son and will always remember it with the most tender and happy feelings! 
 Today’s post is about some decorative and practical ideas of what I did to create  pretty  items  for the decoration and  invitations of the christening  without spending a fortune.
The theme of the decoration was ‘rocking horses’.
My first thought was that I would like to  make an  original  invitation that our guests could keep and use afterwards. There was an abundance of pretty items on the market but , as I said before, I wanted to make something myself and at low budget. 
So, I came up with the idea of using little boxes  and put  the invitation inside  . I bought them  at low price  and I was really glad to find boxes at a good size so that I could type the text of the invitation on paper and stick it inside.  I also included a little treat for my guests – little colourful chocolates.

I used ribbons, thread ,strings , tiny blue beads and tiny ,white , wooden horses to adorn each box and voila , they were ready at no time and looked GOOOOD! My guests liked the idea and I was thrilled with the outcome!

Then, I started thinking about the centerpieces for the tables at the reception hall. Again there were many things one can choose from but my fingers were itching to make something myself. 
I bought metal , painted pots and pots of flowers to put in. Then, I used wooden sticks to glue blue and white wooden rocking horses on . 
 I also used  different types of ribbons and beads to embellish my horses and they were ready for decoration!! They looked great and the guests  took them home with them .

I also  laid  a long wooden table very nicely, to serve as the ‘table of wishes’. I bought a notebook with a hard cover and embellished it with tiny bunting, a light blue  rocking horse and some fabric and my ‘wish book’ was ready. 
 Then, I used light blue, metal pots with fake  green plants  and made lots of pom poms using paper napkins in different shades of blue. I used big glass bowls to put marshmallows, chocolates and other treats for children in and used blue ribbon with white dots and tiny rocking horses for   the scoops my guests would use to help themselves.

Finally, I used cardboard in blue and white to make some hot air balloons, which I also embellished with paper rocking horses, ribbons and pom poms  . I used them to decorate the front of the little church.  

               I also decorated the font with little bouquets of white roses and some greenery, which again I made myself.
A final touch was the wreath I made using ribbons, strings, thread and wooden rocking horses and hung at the entrance of the reception hall.
It took a long  time and great effort to prepare everything with a baby at home and having almost no free time , but it was all very worthwhile and felt very good and happy with the fact that I managed to do things the way I liked  and at low cost.
I hope you like my ideas and why not, try them yourselves for similar events.
I wish you all the very best for the new month. Isn’t it great that summer is finally here!!!
Happy, creative, summer days ahead to all!
My love,

Tina xxx