Sunday, March 26, 2017


Hello dear readers !!!
I’m back to  blogland and very happy for this !
Winter is over and  the warmth of sun and clear , big, blue skies  are back!
The air smells like spring and the days are longer , green grass and colourful blossoms and flowers are everywhere and the  rebirth of Nature  brings  along  a reassuring  feeling  of better days. 

 I always think of how different my life is in warm seasons. I feel so much more ready for  being inspired  , for creation and new beginnings.

  I’m a summer girl myself and though I love  the change of seasons  nothing can beat the carefree days of summer holidays and being close to nature.
Last week we  spent the day  in a little village by the sea  and most of the pictures that follow are from there .                                
        I’m amazed every year I return to this place in spring time, at  the  meadow of mauve wild violets that thrive on the shingle beach!

 These humble flowers are  so delicate and  pretty and ask for nothing  else  than a little salty soil to thrive in.   I’m always  so happy to see them so close to water  , claiming the sea  !

I wish you all lots of lovely warm days  in the sun  , under clear blue skies !!!
I hope to be back to blogland soon with  more 'creative' news this time !
Enjoy your Sunday!
My love to all, 
 Tina x 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Paper hot air balloons

Hello again friends from around the world!
Today, I would like to share with you  an idea for a lovely, easy and fun project that you can easily do with kids: Paper  hot air balloons.
I wanted to make something colourful for  my baby’s room (not that there isn’t enough colour in his room , already, but anyway , colour can never be enough for me!!!)
I saw this tutorial here about how to make paper hot air balloons and clouds and I really liked it.
This is the process to follow, in short:
Step 1: choose paper in six different colours . 
 Step 2: Cut out  balloon shapes (six in total)
Step 3: Fold the balloons into two
 Step 4:  Use some glue to stick the left  side of the first paper to the right side of the second paper  ( Combine the  coloured paper s the way that you like them best).
Step 5: Continue sticking the rest of the papers on the first two ones , in the same way , till you  complete the balloon. 
 Step 6: Before you stick the final side of the last paper, make a large loop of whatever material you have in hand (yarn, string, thread etc.  ) which you will use to hang the balloon from . Stick the final side so that you secure the loop in place.
Step 7: Either make a little paper box or use a box you have at home , to make the ‘basket’ of your  hot air balloon. If your  balloons are tiny , just use a small square piece of paper  , instead.
Step 8: Hang the ‘basket’ from the hot air balloon using some string or other suitable material .
You can also make paper clouds that will give a more realistic character to your creation!! 

 For details and videos  of the process check  YouTube . There are lots of tutorials on how to make paper hot air balloons and mobiles.
Step  9: Hang your balloons around the room to give it a playful , happy ambience.
 Finally : Enjoy the final outcome and why not, dream that you are flying in the sky on a balloon around the world in eighty days!!!!!!
I wish you all a very creative and really good week!!!

Tina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, January 30, 2017

Valentine's wreath!

Hello my  friends,
The weather has been very cold and grey in Greece for the last month and winter has certainly justified its name and reputation this year!

But though gloomy and frozen the landscape might be, the anticipation of warmer days and the abundance of Spring   blooms and greenery is omnipresent.
I bought a small bunch of anemones the other day, which are ‘February flowers’ and remind me of long walks in the country picking wildflowers and having picnics under almond trees in full bloom, when I was a little girl. I love anemones and all the lovely memories that bring with them!
February is around the corner  and apart from dreams for the resurrection of mother Nature and  trees full of  tiny buds and leaves, it’s the time  that hearts and deep red colour  appear  again everywhere around the  city , and  Valentines get ready for their celebration.
So, today’s little make I want to share with you is a Valentine’s  wreath , which can be used all year round if you have a sentimental heart J.
It is very easy to make and costs almost nothing.
First you cut out  pieces of cardboard  in heart shapes.  Cut out different sizes so that the wreath looks better.
 Wrap wool around the heart shaped cardboard  and  make a fluffy woolen heart .

Stick the hearts on a wreath which you have adorned with some ribbon and bows made of wool . I used three colours for my wreath: light pink, ‘salmon pink’ and ‘purple pink’.

 Make as many hearts as you like and scatter them around the table where you will have your Valentine’s meal.
 You can also put them in a bowl or little tray to decorate your sofa table or you can stick them on   a wooden frame with a picture of you and your loved ones.

Anyway, just play as much as possible with the wooly hearts and have the best of times  during the whole month of February!!
My love to all,
Tina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

His first snow!

My wish came true and snowed again last night! I was playing with the baby inside, when I took a look out of the window to discern the bluish white of the snow  on the rooftops and gardens of the surrounding houses under a dark, evening sky!

Oh how  happy I was! No other sound was heard apart from the soft, reassuring   sound of the falling snow. I felt so good to be inside a warm house.
 Today morning ,I got up early and ventured  outside on the balcony, still in my pyjamas and  a heavy coat on  ,to look at  the snow covered neighbourhood and take some pictures of the white landscape. I was cold but decided to capture the moment!

 Later in the day, the sun reappeared and the snow started to melt . Everything was  bright and sparkling, but slowly disappearing like a palace made of snow in a fairy tale.

  I decided  on the spot that I wanted to share the beauty of snow with my baby, 

 but I couldn’t take him out to the bitter cold. So, I brought some snow in , on a plate!

 We sat down on the floor of his room and he touched the snow for the first time and made his first tiny snowball that soon started to melt in his little hand. Oh my little darling, I liked his reactions when he touched the cold thing and then, when he squeezed it between his little fingers .
   It’s amazing and moving to realize how  a little person makes his first ‘steps’ in life and has his  first experiences  of things we adults take for granted , but for him , I suppose , everything is an exciting ,new experience, an  adventure which will help him grow faster and better .
 I want to create many  exciting ‘experiences’ for him  every day and see him evolve through and by them.
After this first encounter with the fluffy snow in a plate, our little fingers were cold so we desperately needed to snuggle under a crochet blanket and feel cosy and warm like all little and  not so little creatures  wish to feel on a cold snowy winter day!
My love to all,

Tina xxx