Tuesday, May 2, 2017

happy May!!!!

Yesterday was a lovely , sunny and warm day, as the 1st of May should always be!We spent it with friends in the countryside.
We have a family tradition to make our may wreaths ourselves. We pick wild flowers  and whatever grows in our pots to  make them and  we ornate them with colourful  ribbons.

We continued this tradition yesterday and  made five different wreaths.  Six  ladies worked  together around a table covered with flowers and greenery and chose the blooms of our preference to create the wreath we would  take home to hung from our front door.

We had great fun and  this would definitely be a day to remember.
I hope you also had a good day and wish you all the very best for the whole month ahead!
My love,
Tina xxx

Sunday, April 23, 2017

A visit to a theme park

During our Easter holidays we visited a fantastic Theme Park , called Areasynest (www.areasynest.gr), located at a mountainous area in the North of the Peloponese, in a village called Synevro. 
It's a fairytale like place, very green, full of beautiful flowers, a  river and a lake. 
This time of year the theme of the park is Easter. The place is decorated with bunnies and eggs . 

 There is a fantastic greenhouse  with bunnies and vintage items decorated in the best of ways in combination with bulbs, grass and blooms.

 There are huge nests on the trees  , which you can visit,
 a folk art museum ,

 a fantastic view,

spring flowers, very old buildings,
 eggs hanging from painted trees,

 a reception with a wall covered with books,
 beautiful decorative items and furniture,

 artistic cushions,

 a very pretty restaurant and gift shop,
 a wonderful selection of fabrics  and paintings
 trees covered with delicate crochet,

 a table decorated with Easter creatures,

 a hen village, with the cutest little hen houses,

little pools, 

vegetable patches,

 many acres of green land to walk in and enjoy nature,

 a river,

 a rabbit village,
 beautiful trees and plants,

 and  a fantastic sea view in the distance.

It's a place really worth visiting ,where you can spend a fantastic day with your family taking in the beauty of the scenery and  the very carefully chosen items that comprise the decoration of indoors and outdoors spaces.
Have a lovely Sunday, my friends,
My love to all,
Tina xxx