Thursday, August 28, 2014

Oh Lovely Little Summer!

Hello dear readers, 

 Summer has always been my favourite time of  the year. 
Why? Because : holidays,no schools , swimming in the sea,walking in the country, cycling ,eating juicy and sweet summer fruit ,sleeping  more , exercising more,day dreaming, meeting friends and having fun
I think that all these are enough for someone to wish summer time to last ‘forever’. What do you think?

 Even when I don’t manage to indulge in all the above summer time pleasures, I always at least, try to spend some days by the sea. 
Sea and summer go together for me.
 Favourite summer 'activity':  spending some time on the beach by myself. 

When I feel like meditating and ‘forgetting everything’, I go to the beach late in the   afternoon, when everybody are having their afternoon naps and I know the place will be quiet ...       

 I take with me some reading material, something to nibble and my ‘beach chair’ (comfort is important). 

Next step: I concentrate on the sound of the waves and the sweet murmuring of the pebbles drifted by the water. 

I relax my eyes by taking in all the beauty of the view in front of me: the colours of the sea, ranging from azure ,green and turquoise to deep blue in the distance , 
the green mountains in the  horizon ,

                       the seagulls that fly above, 

 some fishermen boats near  the coast .   I may not stay more than an hour, but this is enough to make me feel calm and more optimistic,ready to face the demands of everyday life! I’m sure you know what I mean....

When I return home, after this refreshing experience, I always feel inspired to 'create' something,  like these pebbles I painted  two summers ago, using acrylic paint and some tiny pieces of cloth for the bunting . 

A small reminder of a lovely , sweet summer holiday by the sea..........

I love you and leave you for now, with the image of a magnificent sea creature floating in the turquoise waters of the sea in the Corinthian Gulf in the Peloponnese, Greece. 
Just because it is so beautiful and perfect  !!
Till next time, 


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