Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Sea and the Mountain!

I was very lucky this week to spend   some time close to nature, 

breathe in the fresh breeze of the sea early in the morning,
 and  enjoy a late evening drive to the mountain, just before  sun set.

For those of us who live in big cities the contact with nature is always a precious gift.
Especially, when this is accompanied by some time spent at a nice café with some friends or an unexpected encounter with one of the sweetest creatures you can think of:
WILD DEER !!  Yes, deer who live in the mountain free, beautiful   and majestic. They are not afraid of the people at all, because people give them various treats to eat and you often see them in the middle of the street looking at you.

  Children and adults stop  to admire their beauty and sweetness.

Few days before my visit to the mountain , I had spent some hours at a seaside resort very close to my hometown, Athens . 
Early in the morning the mist over the port   of Nea Makri  and the cloudy sky, created  a serene and calming ambience , one that made you feel  grateful and happy for the chance to be there on that October day.   
An extra bonus for me was a cup of hot chocolate at a very nicely decorated café. The wooden tables have 'built in' flower pots and lovely decorative lanterns are hanging at its entrance, from the ‘branches’ of a metal ‘tree’ .

I always like it when cafes and restaurants are decorated with attention to detail and have artistic and quirky elements. Do you feel the same?
I hope I ‘travelled’ you a little, with my pictures.
I will leave you now with a picture of Athens from above, just before the sun set, as I was driving back from the mountain and an evening spent with the deer!!
Have a nice week dear readers!
Till next time,


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