Saturday, November 15, 2014

Colour !

 Today has been a grey, rainy day and it may sound strange but though the weather apparently didn’t help a lot, I felt like writing a post about COLOUR!!I  So off I went to detect sources of colour and light around my neighbourhood.                                
It was about 3:00 p.m. when I took my little camera and started my ‘quest’.
I was lucky because most people had finished their weekend shopping by then and were at home taking a nap or watching their TVs and I could more or less take my pictures without many strange looks.
At first, it was just another photo shooting for my blog, but I soon realized that I was looking at my otherwise familiar surroundings as if watching them for the first time.
Attracted as I was by colour, I paused and spent time looking at bushes and trees, branches and fruit that I see every day, but don’t pay attention to , or even don’t realize they are there at all.
 Like this gorgeous pyracantha bush just outside the big supermarket I visit  for my daily shopping. A plant that so  often appears in parks and gardens and doesn’t need a lot of care to thrive. A humble plant, which ‘hides’ its  beauty and gorgeous cherry red or orange colour.
 A  shy , common , ‘boring’ plant outside shops and car parks ,which has its unique and so attractive appearance and gives colour to our everyday lives , even if we don’t  even notice it!
Another thought that came to my mind, while pausing to take pictures, is that by doing so I noticed things and heard sounds that I would have ignored if I passed by at the usual fast pace of my everyday busy life.
While taking the pictures of a bush, I heard the miawing of a kitten who was hidden behind the branches of the plants. It was a little cry for help, attention and the need for some food. When I pass by that spot I never cease to look around, so I wouldn’t have detected the kitten if I wasn’t attracted by the colour of its surroundings.
I also took the pictures of a gorgeous, pink bougainvillea outside a seemingly deserted, very old detached house with a big neglected garden. But suddenly, I noticed that there was someone at the back of the garden raking the dead leaves. The house I thought no body lives in, has actually a resident.
Well, in my search for colour this cloudy and grey afternoon , I discovered things in and about my neighbourhood, that I hadn’t noticed and wouldn’t have, if I didn’t cease for a while .

So, I think it will be nice, if we made some time to stop and watch or listen to what we ‘ignore’ or take for granted around us, we may discover many colourful and other things and creatures that need our attention. 

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Have a nice Saturday night and a nice Sunday too. 
Till next time, love to all of you , 
Tina xxxxx


  1. Very nice pictures,

    1. Thank you sweet Meredith,
      I' ll see you soon .
      Love and kisses,

  2. Love all your beautiful and colourful pictures.
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

    1. Thank you Helen for your comment .It's always nice to know that you like what I post here and you get some pleasure from my pictures.
      Tina xxx