Monday, June 27, 2016

Summer time

Summer time , end of  June .
 These last months have  flown away so fast ! So many things to do,  no time for thinking or daydreaming .
  A new life is flowering in our home, so sweet , tender and innocent, without worries and concerns.
We spend most of the time together and this is nice but also a huge responsibility.
 Sometimes, when incidental   circumstances   trigger  a series of thoughts in my mind and feelings in my heart   , I let myself worry for a while about things beyond my control .
But I know we all have our not so cheerful  moments and so I try to focus on the good side of things and the beauty that surrounds me and uplifts my spirits.  

 I hope you like the photos I have chosen to share with you today, from my photo files  dating back some years .

 I so long for the turquoise  blue waters , the seagulls , the little boats  , swimming till the sun dives  into the sea , in the horizon.
 Swimming makes me feel born again, fresh and revived . I need holidays!!!

Many wishes and love to all of you my dear readers,
                                                                         Till next time,
                                                                                                          Tina xxx


  1. Being a mom means you worry until your last day. I am 44 (in a couple of weeks I'll be :) and whenever I head back home from visiting my mom she says - call me when you get back home so that I know you are safe. And I believe she'll worry forever. I am not as worrisome as her, but then everyone is different. But I can understand her - that is something that makes you human - you cannot shake off the primeval instinct of worrying / caring about your closest's well-being. Enjoy you early-motherhood with a full heart. You'll blink and they are all grown up :)

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a nice comment to me.
    I know I will always worry about my little boy and I will try to be there when he needs me. This is a big responsibility but also a blesssing.
    I do enjoy my days with him and I love watching him grow up day after day and I adore these little changes I see in him .
    Have a good, relaxing weekend,
    Tina ;)