Saturday, November 4, 2017

Decoupage on canvas for children’s rooms

Hello, hello dear friends! I hope you are all well and enjoying November weather and activities.
Today is a rainy day in Greece, which I quite like ’cause it hasn’t rained for months and we need the change.

 As you can see from the title of this post, I’ll talk to you about a very easy but pretty make for a  child’s room, using decoupage on canvas.
 When I  started decorating my little boy’s room, I realized that there were very few ‘paintings’ for children, in the market. I know you can find  a large variety of lovely items if you search the net, but the original ones are quite expensive and I personally prefer originals. I paint, so I can make them myself, but the time is never enough these days , so I decided to combine a bit of painting with decoupage.
I bought canvas on cardboard which can be afterwards framed, some paper napkins and I used  decoupage glue and lacquer , plus paint brushes and acrylic colours .

  1. You first use a primer to paint the surface you want to work on.
2. Then, you cut out the part of the napkin(s) you are going to use,

 3. When the primer is dry, you put each cut-out on the canvas and with soft , careful strokes you apply the coat of glue with the paint brush, starting from the centre of the cut-out and moving outwards.  
4. When it is dry, you can use varnish to make it brighter and protect its surface. I used a product which is both glue and lacquer.
 It is easy  to make and if you are good at drawing/painting you can add some details using acrylic paint (e.g. clouds, birds, flowers,  letters and some extra colour – you do this before you apply the varnish).

 As you can see I made two 'paintings'.  My little boy helped me in this photo shooting and he was really happy to help his Mummy!!
 If you like, you can use a frame for your ‘paintings’ to complete the look and make it more ‘professional- like’!
 I have also made good progress in crocheting a blanket for my son’s cot.
 I’m planning to make it a lot bigger- suitable for a single bed- but for the time being it suits the little bed quite well. 
 I quite like this blue-grey-white combination and I believe my little one will use it for years,  as the colours are suitable for every age.

 I had lots of left over yarn from different projects, which I wished to use but didn’t know how. So I started crocheting a granny square using the yarn with a random choice of colours. 
 The square got bigger and bigger and a little  ‘toy and game blanket’ finally emerged!!
 I love the crazy combination of colours and I think it looks good among the soft toys and on the floor. Of course, I continue crocheting more and more rounds every time I feel like it and I hope it finally turns out quite big.
 Well, that’s all about my crafty activities these days, I’ll leave you now, wishing you a lovely November weekend with many fun ,crafty moments .
My love,
Tina xxx


  1. Hello Tina, Thank you for visiting my place because that means I have followed the colourful path back to your bright and happy place. So happy I did. Those napkins were a find and how gorgeous they look decoupaged onto the canvas. How very clever of you. Love the beautiful blue and grey blanket for your son and the rainbow-filled one is so pretty. I can just imagine the fun and beautiful room your son has. May you also, have a happy and craft filled, November weekend.

  2. Thank you so much for your comment.It's always so nice to meet new ,creative people through internet! Have a wonderful weekend!Tina x

  3. What a great idea. I love that blue and grey blanket, so beautiful. The multi coloured one is lovely too.

  4. Thank you Winifred!It's so good to hear from you again! Tina xxx

  5. Love your clever artwork for your little boy’s room....the decoupage is so effective! Such lovely colours in both your crochet blankets too. Wishing you a happy crafty November xox

  6. Thank you dear Helen! I always get a lot of pleasure when I make things for my little one. Tina xxx

  7. What a lovely idea....Both of the blankets are beautiful!Hope you' ll have a nice week with your baby boy.

  8. Thank you my darling! See you soon! xxxxx

  9. Lots of lovely colour, the decoupage is a fab idea, what a lucky little boy. Hx