Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Spring Wreaths and Easter memories

Hello , hello again dear friends  from around the world. I'm back again to my little space in blogland and as always very happy for contacting you for yet another time.
Schools started on Monday, after Easter holidays and the celebrations are already well left behind, although the nice memories of those days still stay with us.

 We were lucky to leave the city for some days and spend  the time by the sea and also travel to the mountain to enjoy the magnificent views and abundance of spring colours all around us.
I was very glad to entertain people in our house on Easter Sunday and of course I decorated the table with what I thought would be the most welcoming little present for my guests: little bags with candies and little chocolate eggs, placed on each plate .

  I put yellow paper napkins inside each little bag and the setting was complete. I loved the outcome and my guests were also very pleased.
This post was originally meant to be only about my spring and easter wreaths, but I  couldn't resist telling you a few things about my Easter vacations and show you some pictures.

Those of you who have been following my blog for some time, know my love for wreaths and that I often make one as seasons and decorations change in my house.
This is the full collection of my spring wreaths!
 They are not that many but I love them all !!!

 This is a wreath I made with left over fabric in my favourite pink and red colours. It is very easy to make and very impressive !
 My crochet wreath was made some years ago . It has yellow and white crochet flowers embellished with little  pearls, plus some flowers made of fabric.

 This is another crochet wreath I made for my bedroom, with crochet flowers and buttons, along with tiny buds made of fabric. I love the meuve, purple  and soft pink  colours.
 This is my Easter wreath in the colours of Spring, with little eggs and many buds and leaves.
 My most recent creation is the wreath you can see below on the far left side of the photo.This one too was made for Easter, but I think it is quite suitable as a   May wreath, as well.
I have already started thinking about the 'concept' for a new wreath and I'm looking for inspiration!
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Till next time , 
My love to all, 
Tina xxx


  1. Very beautiful landscape. Where in Greece is this place?
    The wreaths are amazing. Love Domenica

    1. Thank you my dear,this photos were taken near Kalavrita.

  2. The little candy bags are adorable, I'm sure the guests loved them.

  3. It's been a while since you posted but sometimes life just takes up so much of your tie & it slips away.

    I love your Easter wreaths & hope you have time to show us what you are making for Christmas. Take care. x

  4. Thank you very much for leaving a comment Winifred , it's always so good to realise that people actually 'read' you and wait for a next post. I will definitely share some Christmas wreaths with you. I hope I willl find the time to make some, which I really want!
    Tina xxx