Friday, March 1, 2019

Welcome Spring time!!

Hello again dear friends from around this vast world!!
I hope you are well and happy to welcome the new season.
Winter has been very long and cold here in Greece , the nights long and the days hectic , but now the light of Spring has arrived bringing along hope, optimism and more daydreaming.

Today is a sunny but cold day , still  the air smells of spring and I can see almond trees with  tiny blossoms and soft pink petals, every where around my town , I can hear the birds chirping and  the intensity of sunlight is definitely a clear sign of warmer days coming soon.

I have been working hard at work  and home lately. We participated at a Model United Nations Conference with my students, which means that I've spent long hours correcting resolutions and supervising their work.
The conference took place last week and I was very proud of my team,who performed really well and made me happy. MUN is a great opportunity for students to learn about issues of public interest and concern, participate in debates, write speeches and resolutions and improve their public speaking skills and English language.

On the arts and crafts  front ,there is very little I've made, but I hope my creative mojo to come back as days grow longer and sunnier.
I wish all a lovely weekend and a sunny and bright  March . 
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Take care!!


  1. Looking forward to seeing what you're making now the spring is h=coming.

    Well surprisingly it's been a very warm week here in the north of England with temperatures 17C. We had summer days cooler than that. It's been the hottest February since records began. Very weird!

  2. Yes, it sounds weird, for England,but still I suppose you enjoy this summer weather and all the warmth it brings along. Thank you for leaving a comment, and I wish you a lovely March��. Tina