Friday, July 15, 2022

Crafts , decoration and garden moments for summer and spring 💕

 Hello everybody! I'm Tina,for those of you who are new , I am obsessed with crafts , decoration and living in the countryside. 

Today, I will share with you some photos of my sweet little country house and garden, plus some ideas for crafts and decoration for the summer . OK.  Let's get started!💗💛💕

We are so blessed to have a little summer house very close to  the sea and a vast coastline with lovely beaches and clear waters. 

I always find my inpiration for decoration and crafts during my stay there and the best time for this has to be summer and spring. 

I have a rather small garden but  for me is a slice of paradise . I can't help taking pictures and setting the scene for  a pic nic or an afternoon tea. 

As you can see below,  my crochet throw  found  the perfect spot for some photoshooting  under the olive trees  in the orchard adjacent to our house. 

I adore these colours . Can you spot the butterflies on the tree?
Back to the garden , my roses and geraniums in the pots  are sparkling under the sunny sky. 
The natural environment is absolutely stunning. There are lots of  more than a-hundred-year-old olive trees in ths area and  lemon and orange trees and wild flowers in bloom during spring time. You can see the mountains in the distance -see photo below- and the smells of flowers  are really intoxicating!!

Back to the house , a small balcony make over took place at the beginning of summer and you  can see the result below, 

which triggered some crochetting  for a stool cover, 
and a dream catcher in a boho style. 
Another little craft and idea I had  involved these key rings with crochet fish , star fish and 

'evil eye' repellents (!) , plus crochet bags for the summer 
 a wreath with fish and other sea creatures , 

and more  'eyes' for positive vibes. 

I also had the idea to crochet sunglass holders , to match the key holders!!!

and because one summer wreath is never enough , here come the stunning sea life wreaths for 
my balcony !

and because summer decor should go hand in hand with summer jewels : I made some !!! 

I hope you enjoyed  the update of my creative part of life and I wish you all
a lovely, happy, sunny, bright and 
safe summer time, 
hoping that your days and nights , 

are filled with optimism and as many smiles as you can possibly share !!! 

My love, 
Tina xxx

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