Monday, December 8, 2014

A Christmas Wreath and something else!

Last week I was busy , busy , busy preparing for the European project I have been working on with my students , which I told you about in my previous post. 
My house was covered in glitter, shiny cardboards, plastic beads, little hearts, pieces of fabric, ribbons, tiny, wooden pegs etc. etc. All these have been used to make about 60 different ornaments and cards to send abroad to the schools we are working with, on this European Christmas project. 

In between, I found some time to indulge in one of my favourite crafts: Making a wreath! A Christmas wreath  ,for the school bazaar which will take place at the end of this week.
 I surfed the net for ideas but most wreaths were decorated with cones , fake flowers and some ivy and greenery . I wanted something slightly different , cute and sweet. Finally ,  I came across a wreath which featured a bird house and some holly . I was immediately attracted to it.  

I have recently bought some tiny wooden birdhouses which I posted about some time ago, and I had some holly and cones too.  
But something important was missing … What? A little  resident for my birdhouse. A tiny, sweet and   pretty bird. I soon detected some suitable fabric –that wasn’t so difficult because   there was material everywhere, as I said above :( - and at almost no time, I had in hands the aforementioned bird,  looking at me through its little , beady eye.

I put all the different parts together and so here we are : A Christmas Wreath with a birdhouse and a red and white , fabric resident .

 I love this wreath , and to make it even more wintry and festive, I added some snow and a final touch : A red  ribbon with little dots which I also greatly like and which I think I’ll use again and again this Christmas!

Only one item wouldn’t be enough though  to offer to the school bazaar , so on the spot, I  decided to do another Christmas and New Year item , using a bit of …..What else? DECOUPAGE. Those of you who read my blog know that I’m quite fond of this technique and I often use it to transform a variety of objects, at no time.
I chose a cutting board –which I bought some days ago at a very low price . I  used these cute birds , who apparently are singing a version of Christmas carols ,perched on some snow covered lines , while snow is falling on their tiny heads. Aren’t they just adorable?  I wish reality were as cute and tender as this….

Anyway, the wooden board was soon transformed into this festive, colourful item, ready to go to another house and start its life there. I hope it is loved and spends many years with them.

Again, I added some ribbon and the number 15 for a more special touch . Do you like it?
I find it very pretty. Shall I keep it for myself?  Hi,hi,hi!!

I hope you liked my little Christmas makes, dear readers from around the world.
Tonight is a very wintry night, wet and cold but the thought of Christmas keeps me warm. Have a nice night.
Tina xxxxxxxxxx 

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  1. Very nice pictures. Good job,