Sunday, January 31, 2016

Colours !!!!!

Hello  dear readers .
I’m back after some time and I can honestly tell you I’ve really missed my little place in blog landL.
We are really blessed here in Greece with a wonderful, sunny and warm weather although  we are in the mid of January. It smells like spring already and February which will visits us tomorrow, doesn’t seem to keep us very far apart from the flowery season!
As  the sun and the sky so brightly colour Nature in our country, I decided to ‘offer’ you today some bright colours  from inside my little house, my little shelter.
 As you may already know, I adore colour and can’t live at a space where colour is absent. I love all shades of pinks and purples , yellows, oranges, fuchsias and mauves , burgundies , salmons, reds and light blues. 

For that reason I love wild flowers and flowers in pots , hyacinths , cyclamens, marigolds , geraniums and anemones. (You see, the good weather has had such an impact on me that I think of flowers and green open spaces already!)
 An orange –red  ceramic plate creates such a vibrant contrast with the fresh , juicy lemons from my lemon tree.

Two little pots of pink and fuchsia cyclamens on my kitchen window sill, make me really happy every time I look at them .
My hyacinths  in red and mauve among little favourite kitchen ‘treasures’.
Black, grey, soft blue and cream colours for a little ‘scene’ around a ‘cuisine’ sign.

 A favourite toy is offering us a posy of purple marigolds from a pot on my balcony .
 Little flowers  resting inside a paper napkin in a deep purple colour. Mmm, yummy colours!

I love this game of arranging and rearranging objects  of contrasting and complimentary colours to create little colourful scenes in my kitchen, on the balcony, on a desk at work.
 I know from your blogs, dear friends that many of you like playing with colours,too and fill your homes and crafts with it!
I hope you have enjoyed my little pictures and that I have kept you a good company on this last day of January. 

 I will go now my dear readers and I’m sending you my best wishes for many colourful , happy moments for the New Month. Happy , Creative , Joyful  February to all!!!!!  

Tina xxx


  1. It is nice to have you back. How lucky to be able to enjoy warmer days. It has been very cold here by me.

    Your photos are lovely. I love the adorable Teddy.


    1. Thank you so much Janet for your sweet comment.
      Yes, it feels good to contact all of you again !
      Tina xxx

  2. Your photos are a welcome touch of colour, it has been very grey here the last few days. Hx

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      Today is a grey day here , too, but the weather had been very good all this time.
      Have a nice weekend,

  3. I enjoyed all your bright and sunny colourful photos! Wishing you a happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  4. Happy weekend Helen.
    thank you for dropping by!
    Tina xxx