Tuesday, May 5, 2020

A brand new month!🌼🌻🌸🌹

 Hello everyone and happy new month
 I hope you are all just fine, safe and healthy.  The lockdown  is gradually coming to an end here in Greece though restrictions are still  strict. Anyway I don't wish to talk more about the tough times and all sorts of  unpleasant situations we have all experienced.  I want to focus only on the bright side of things and May is the month that definitely can help towards this positive mentality .

I have recently spent a little more time wandering around my neighbourhood and I have rediscovered it's beauty.
 Although it isn't a rural area it has lots of green open spaces,  parks , little streams and a mountain nearby which is really fantastic as you can leave the urban network of the area and find yourself in the countryside  within minutes.
I'm posting some pictures of my walks and also of my May wreath and flowers from my pots . I love the bright colours and the abundance of  greenery  .

I hope I've kept you some good company with the pictures of my surroundings
 Take good care,  love and wishes to all of you in this vast world!
Tina xxx❤

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