Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Christmas coffee and tea bar, gingerbread cookies and handmade ornaments !!

HELLO , HELLO !!!!!!!!!

This is a long one . Lots of photos and festive mood. 
I'm excited with the holidays  and all the Christmas preparations - decoration-wise - as we can't do that much this year due to the pandemic.

 Lots of  lovely ladies in cyberland have created their festive coffee and tea bars and I felt the urge to create my own!! Why not?? 

I started with some fake snow and then I added all the bits and pieces  my eye and heart felt appropriate for this 'installation'. 
I placed the little blackboard on a shelf at the centre .It reads 'white Christmas' in Greek - I know that this is a wish that won't come true in this area ,but away..
I added my favourite mugs, cups and saucers , my gingerbread cookies , tealights, lovely festive napkins and some little wooden toys and santas. Ah ..and of course some chocolate , tea bags , sugar and cofee jars  and pine cones. 
This is the outcome. I was really thrilled with it!
I particularly liked the sunlight coming in from my kitchen window , creating lovely shading. 
See what I mean?

And these are my gingerbread cookies, men, trees and stars  ready for making it to other houses as little Christmas favours. I always give cookies to family, friends and teachers at Christmas, it is a tradition I like keeping ....

I saw a video the other day about how to make christmas ornaments using old CDs and I couldn't but give it a go!!
I made three pieces and hang them from my tree. I think this is a good upcycling idea, very easy to make and quite impressive. you can add some ribbons and glitter to make them even more festive!!

Here are my cookies again. I made a whole lot and took even more pictures . I was thrilled as usual. When I make something,
 I feel like a child who plays in her toyland and forget evrything else for some blessed moments. 

I wish all and everyone, a very merry Christmas and a safe and healthy NewYear. 
Happy Holidays !!! 
Tina  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. What wonderful pictures, your coffe shop is beautiful & your ginger bread biscuits look delicious as well as gorgeous.

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas & a great year to come in 2021.

    1. Thank you so much Winifred.
      I also wish you a safe , lovely new year with health and lots of happy moments. 💕