Friday, January 2, 2015

A New Year and Three New Calendars!!

Happy   2015 everyone!!
I hope you all had a good time, celebrating with the people you love and I wish you all a most creative and prosperous New Year, with many blissful moments.
In Greece, the tradition is to bake a cake, called Vasilopita(St Basil’s Pie) and eat it just after the arrival of the New Year . Inside, there is a coin which brings good luck to the one who finds it, in his/her slice.
A little lady was the lucky one this year and she really deserved it because she had made a lot of work preparing for New Year’s celebration at home, with friends and family. 
The beginning of a New Year ‘requires’ new calendars at home and at work.
So, just before the beginning of 2015, I spent some  time making three new calendars for three female members of the family. 
I used my beloved decoupage on canvas, some acrylic colour and varnish, and here you are:
A French style calendar for a country kitchen, 

A more romantic and girlish one for a kitchen or room in hues of pink and pastel colours and

A garden scene, in different hues of green, yellow, ochre and red, which reminds me of lazy spring and summer afternoons, drinking coffee  or tea, smelling the sweet smell of gardenias and jasmine.

 Do you like them? I think they came out quite pretty and the ladies who received them were very happy with their gifts.  I’m always very glad when something I make is received with very positive feelings and when it finds its place at a lovely home.
So , Happy New Year again and my warmest wishes to all of you dear readers from around the world.

Till next time,

Tina xxxxxxxx

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