Saturday, January 31, 2015

Winter by the sea…… Oh so blue!!

Oh how much I love walking on the beach after the rain! Being next to the sea, in the mid of winter, after a storm ……. Huge overcast skies and wet sand, blues in all hues and the threat of more and more rain, makes my heart happy.

Tons of sea weed, sea urchins perched on rocks and pebbles, a row of red umbrellas waiting patiently for summer months and some white creatures, symbols of purity and peace against the dark blue, cobalt horizon, make an artistic soul wish it could capture their beauty in all possible ways and keep it as a precious gift.

After the rain, when rays of strong sun light escape through the clouds, colours are so ‘strong’ and vivid, brighter and more impressive than ever!! I love the contrast between white and blue. 

A white little church, at the top of a small hill, a port in the horizon, navy blue railings, steps painted in aquamarine , a sapphire  blue sea and white boats .Oh so beautiful!! Scenes worth  capturing through my camera lens and sharing with you.
Enjoy dear readers !!!!!

You don’t need to go far to find beauty. Just look around you!!

 Have a nice weekend my friends.
 Till next time , 
 Tina xxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Love all those shades of blue, my favourite colour. Thanks for these.

  2. Thank you for leaving a comment . I hope to share with you a lot more blues and sea scenes when summer time arrives in Greece!
    Tina xxxx

  3. Beautiful pictures,