Monday, September 1, 2014

A short story with a happy ending ......

Some months ago, I bought a lovely piece of fabric in order to upholster an armchair in my living room, which desperately needed (and still needs) a makeover. But when I got back home, I realized that the fabric  didn't suit it at all, and though so beautiful it was, it had to patiently wait in my drawers for another use. 

So it waited and waited, until a beautiful mid-summer day, I was suddenly and happily inspired by something I saw at a shop. It was a simple but very clever idea.
 They had used a frame like the ones we use for photographs and instead of a photo they had put a piece of fabric in.

I loved the idea, but the problem was that my fabric  had a lovely but very big print on (design by Kirsi Sundell, 2011). That‘s why I needed to use a very large piece .A small frame wouldn't do the job. Unfortunately, there were no big frames around in my house , but I was determined to have my cloth framed!! (You know the feeling).

I thought and thought and yes I suddenly KNEW . I would use a huge notice board that I had ‘hidden’ in a cupboard for some years and which had definitely ended its ‘notice board career’ for ever.
The whole process was very easy. I measured the surface of the board and cut out my fabric in the same size. Then, I used some PVA glue to stick it in place on top of the cork layer and then, I also used some self adhesive paper tape to give it a better look (this though is optional).

TA-DAH !!!! I think it looks very good. 

Next step : I made  a bunting using mainly pieces of the same cloth.
 I knew from the very beginning where these new ‘little creations’ would be used : On my neglected, long and narrow balcony! I was really thrilled and off I went to decorate the small but potentially lovely space!

I put the board and the bunting in place and completed the decoration with a light coloured tablecloth, some candles, magazines, 

and YES , I was ready to enjoy my morning tea 

and of course my afternoon coffee………. alfresco!! 

 I strongly believe that we do not need to spend a lot of money or any money at all, to make some ‘decorative improvements’ at home and I hope that my ideas will  inspire you  to beautify your spaces no matter how small or neglected they are.

  Thank you very much for reading and I wish you all a happy Autumn!!
  Till next time,
  Tina xxxxx

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