Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Change of Season .........

Summer was ‘killed’ by the first rain drop’ to quote the Greek poet Odysseas Elytis.

Yes, today I feel like something is definitely changing.

It is not just the rain and clouds in the usually bright blue Attica sky, but also the smell in the air and the colours in nature that can’t hide the inevitable: Summer is fast leaving us……..(:

I always like this time of year, though. The beginning of a new season brings with it new activities in and outside the house, changes, dreams, plans. Change is usually good, because it means action and action means   living. So, ‘Welcome’ to Autumn and its beauty. 
I think I’m ready  to put on some warmer clothes, change my flip flops to warm slippers 

and decorate the house with golden brown , yellow and red leaves , pine-cones and cyclamens .

  Some crochet and sewing are also more welcome at this time of year , when swimming in the sea and lying on the beach for hours are not part of the daily routine anymore……… .

Enjoy the new season then and let it  inspire you !!

Till next time,
Love to all of you,
Tina xxx

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