Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Man versus Nature

Last Sunday, we spent some hours - not to my content-standing in the street, leaning against somebody's fence and trying to endure the chilly wind on our bodies, heads turned upwards, feet aching, waiting for the big moment!
Actually, all the male members of our little group had been waiting for this moment for at least a month,now! Do you want to know why? Three words comprise the very essence of their  expectation and 'deeply rooted desire' : Athens Flying Week!!!http://www.athensflyingweek.gr/).
YES !!! Thousands of people had come from different parts of our city  to watch this  big aviation event. I suppose most men and some women had been dreaming of this for days and the spectacle was really grand.
This is an annual event that aims at introducing citizens to aviation, and some of the best aviators in the world offer a unique spectacle that take people's breath away.
For me, it was also a chance to take some (I think) interesting photos where  the 'stars' are  not only the aircrafts but the magnificent beauty of  September , Attica sky with its clouds in tens of different hues of blue, white , grey and lilac -just to mention some - their strength and majestic beauty against the power of man crafted creations. Enjoy and Compare! :)



And a final photo for today, of some pink happiness, very humble but Oh so beautiful and unique in its simplicity.....
Enjoy your everyday little pleasures, till next time we meet in blogland.
Love to all,