Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Gifts for children birthday parties guests

Handmade, personal gifts are always welcome by both children and adults.
They have this special touch of care and time that you spend to please a friend or someone that you invite to celebrate together a special event, such as children birthdays.
I will give you here today, an idea which proved to be quite successful with a number of little ladies who were invited to wish ‘happy birthday’ to their 11 year old friend: Small decoupage ‘paintings’ on tiny easels. 

1. A number of tiny white canvases and wooden easels. You can find them at some art and hobby shops and toy shops.
2. Some paper napkins, colourful and bright, with girly patterns.
3. Decoupage glue for paper (you find them at all art and hobby shops)
4. A pair of scissors 
5. A paint brush
6. Some acrylic or water  colours
7. Some small pieces of sponge
8. Decoupage varnish (optional)

 Step 1: You cut out the pattern you want to use for your decoupage and remove two layers of paper from the napkin. You are left with only the top layer where the pattern is.

  Step 2 : After you have cut out the patterns you are going to use , arrange  them on the canvases. You may need to spend some time deciding on the most appropriate arrangement of patterns. Also, you may need to use patterns from different napkins.
 Step 3 : Place the first cut out on the canvas and glue it on place using the paint brush. Start from the centre and move outwards. Make sure you don’t press it very hard because you may tear it.
Then, you glue the rest of the patterns , till you get the result that pleases you.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure that you brush the paper evenly on the surface of the canvas so that no ‘bubbles of air’ are created and the final outcome is smooth and even.
 Step 4:  Put a very thin layer of acrylic or water paint on the pieces of sponge and use it to add some colour to your ‘painting’.The aim is to make the different patterns of the napkins blend together and the contrast of light and shade to give a better ‘depth’ to your decoupage painting .Don't add colour directly on the patterns. The colour should be used where the white areas of the canvas are .  

Step 5: When the decoupage is dry (use a hair dryer for faster results) apply a coat of varnish to give it a better final touch. 

Optional : you can embellish the canvas with small buttons and/or ribbons or small pieces of fabric or even lace , if you think it suits your little creation.
Step 6: Place the gifts on a table or shelf in the room and invite children to choose the ‘painting’ they like the most. This will give them more pleasure than you deciding what each one will get.
Step 7:  Make a delicious birthday cake and enjoy the day!!

I hope you like my idea and you give it a try!

Many kisses and love to you all , till next time,
Tina xxxxxxx


  1. Great ideas and a very useful description of the whole process.
    I really enjoyed it.
    Jeison King.

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment . I'm glad you find the whole process useful.
      Tina xxxx

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    1. Thanks Stefanie,
      It's always nice to read your positive comments.
      Take care ,
      Tina xxx

  3. Ι like your ideas.

  4. Thank you so much for your comment.
    Tina xxx