Saturday, September 20, 2014

Moments of happiness

Sometimes  , those moments  appear out of the blue, as you are walking back home from work or while you are doing your everyday shopping , that make you stop and  breathe in quietly and happily. When  an image , a sound  or a smell attracts your attention and keeps it focused for some seconds, eliminating  anything else around you.
These unique moments when you become aware once again of the beauty of the natural world  and how soothing and healing it is for your soul and mind.
Yesterday after work, I was walking  , my mind occupied with various thoughts  , when suddenly, I turned my head upwards and I saw them ! Tens of birds perched on the electrical wires above my head. I stopped to have a better look . What a beautiful  , sweet sight.

I always like the view of birds in the wires, waiting for their next move. I don't know what attracts me, but I suppose it is a childhood memory of  an abacus , a lovely present, with which I learnt how to count .  This wasn't an ordinary abacus, because it had tiny black swallows instead of beads and you 'counted' them. The swallows were 'perched' on the wires and you moved them to the direction you liked. I adored it for some strange reason and it was one of my precious possessions at that time.
Anyway, I don't know if the birds I saw yesterday were swallows ready to migrate  , although I think they were pigeons but they certainly made me smile.
 I ended  this walk back home with a visit to the open air market in my neighborhood and another beautiful sight caught my eye. This bunch of flowers on the florist's stall was calling me! And who am I to resist it?
 So , finally back home, with pictures of the birds in my camera and  flowers in my arms , I was happy it was Friday afternoon and  the weekend finally started .
Have a lovely weekend.
 Love ,
Tina xxxxx

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