Monday, September 2, 2019

Summer colours and memories 🍉

 Summer moments that translate into memories that trigger feelings of calmness, peacefulness and relaxation.

 The deep blue of the sea , the picturesque  little villages,

 quaint  cottages in a fishermen's village,
 simple but lovely decorative touches,

 a cup of coffee at the rear of my garden,
 the view from a lovely hotel room,

 a beach towel in favourite colours,
 a stroll around an old and very pretty village on the mountains,
 endless sunsets on the beach

sea breeze on my face,
the colour of bougainvillea blooms,

the simple everyday miracles that nature and love bring to our lives....... I'm thankful and grateful  for all these precious summer memories💖. Hope we all have a lovely new month and autumn.       My love to all, Tina😊            

Monday, July 22, 2019

Little summer crafts 🐋

Some pictures of what I've been up to lately. Sea shells everywhere! Hope you are all having a lovely summer near a lovely , sandy beach 💕🐋

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Crochet 'eyes'

Hello again!!! I’m so very happy to be back with yet another easy craft  to share with you.
It’s summer already and so very warm today in Greece, it makes you long for  swimming in crystal, turquoise - blue  waters and lying on the golden sand, leaving the winter cobwebs behind……
Today’s idea and craft has the colours of summer .

                                                      Look, can you guess what it is?
 Of course , it’s a crochet ‘eye’ to keep evil looks at bay and ‘protect’ us against them ( hi, hi hi),
 with its lovely hand made tassels and warm summery colours.....

     ‘Evil eyes’ are one of the trends this summer and you see them everywhere: on bags , T-shirts, cushions even hats for the beach . I like them for some reason . I guess it’s the colour combination (blue, light blue, white, black) , their shape and their  ‘lucky - charm - properties’ that make them so appealing.

 For this ‘evil eye’ I followed the instructions in Greek, by the talented
KIKICROCHET but I suppose you can find lots of similar tutorials in English and slightly different shapes , if you like. This pattern was for a small bag, but I had the idea to appliqué it on a cushion. You can also use the same pattern to make a smaller ‘eye’ with less rows of beige colour, to appliqué  it on a T-shirt  , a bag even a straw hat for the beach.  

And because one cushion is never enough , you can see I didn’t resist the temptation to make another one . Two ‘eyes’ are now watching me and hopefully protect me against negative vibes!!!! :) J

I wish you all a happy, creative, bright , warm ,sunny summer with your loved ones and lots of crafty , happy moments.

                                                                         Take care.

                                                                           Tina xxx

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Easter and Spring table setting

Hello dear readers from around the world!!

Today I’m back with an easy craft and some ideas to create
 a really pretty Spring /Easter table.
First, I’ll show you how to make lovely napkin rings that will cost you almost nothing.
You will need cardboard rolls (toilet rolls are just fine), which you will:
1. Cut so that their height is about 4-5 cm .
 2. Wrap the rolls up with cotton pads . Make sure that you use some glue to keep the cotton pads in place .
 3. Wrap them again up with stripes of leftover fabric of your choice. Pastel colours are perfect for a spring table. Secure the fabric with a little glue .

 4. Add tiny crochet flowers and a buttons to make them  prettier .
I’m sure they’ll look fantastic , especially if you add some tiny fresh flowers on the napkin , or on your plates.
 Another idea is to make paper butterflies and scatter them around your table.
   Tiny blackboards are a good idea, too. You can write your guests’ names on or Easter wishes. 
  Place some tiny pots with either fresh or artificial plants in the middle of your table and why not use some extra napkin rings as egg stands!
     Choose  a tablecloth with vibrant colours with matching cushions for the chairs or benches, some lanterns in pink , red or yellow,

                                     vases with fresh  flowers and
  your best smile and positive vibes and be sure that you will all have a great time around your festive table !!!!
Happy Easter!!
 I hope to be back soon with some crochet ideas , this time.
My love to all,
Tina xxxxxx

Friday, March 1, 2019

Welcome Spring time!!

Hello again dear friends from around this vast world!!
I hope you are well and happy to welcome the new season.
Winter has been very long and cold here in Greece , the nights long and the days hectic , but now the light of Spring has arrived bringing along hope, optimism and more daydreaming.

Today is a sunny but cold day , still  the air smells of spring and I can see almond trees with  tiny blossoms and soft pink petals, every where around my town , I can hear the birds chirping and  the intensity of sunlight is definitely a clear sign of warmer days coming soon.

I have been working hard at work  and home lately. We participated at a Model United Nations Conference with my students, which means that I've spent long hours correcting resolutions and supervising their work.
The conference took place last week and I was very proud of my team,who performed really well and made me happy. MUN is a great opportunity for students to learn about issues of public interest and concern, participate in debates, write speeches and resolutions and improve their public speaking skills and English language.
On the arts and crafts  front ,there is very little I've made, but I hope my creative mojo to come back as days grow longer and sunnier.
I wish all a lovely weekend and a sunny and bright  March . 
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Take care!!