Thursday, September 21, 2023

Centrepieces for Autumn with things you have at homeπŸ„πŸ‚πŸ

Hello everyone  and Happy Autumn!!! πŸ’“

I'm back today with  some  ideas for easy to  make centrepieces for this season , using what you have at home. You can use them on your dining room table,  coffe table or anywhere else you like. 

So let's get started!!

I'm sure we all have  baskets , trays , plates  made of wood or other natural material , which we can use for our centrepieces. You can  place in a variety of  items related to autumn . I have used  pumpkins in different materials and sizes , pomegranates (real ones), some faux leaves , faux flowers and a tiny tree  , a butterfly and a miniature  owl and of course a candle in  autumnal colours . It is a  good  idea to use 'little creatures' of the forest and  the farm  to bring more life to your composition.  You can use tortoises, birds, owls, butterflies , dragon flies etc. 

In the picture below, I've used a wooden plate I bought from IKEA some years ago.  I added  fabric pumpkins that I've made myself,  a mushroom made of felt, an aromatic candle, a pomegranate and  a rosary I made using wooden beads. There is an abundance of tutorials  in You Tube  which show you how to make fabric pumpkins  in really easy  ways . That's how I learnt how to make mine and I can tell you it is not only easy but the result is very satisfactory , as well. 

In the next picture, you can see a wooden wheel barrow,  I've had  mine for many years and I use it  for my decorations  all year round. 
I have used the same items as above, but in different combinations .Some potpourri on the tablecloth , tiny, white pumpkins I made with clay that dries in the air , red velvet pumpkins and  pomegranates from a tree in my neighbourhood!! I lit my candle and voila!!!

Next idea,
Use a bird cage and again decorate it with tiny items like pumpkins , wooden mushrooms and potpourri. I think it's quite cute!! But  what do you think??

Another idea -especially if the space available is limited -  is to use a  small tray with a candle in the middle and just two or three more items, like pumpkins, pomegranates , mushrooms etc. Light candles in pretty lanterns and you have a lovely , cosy and chic centrepiece !!!

Real flowers in a vase in the middle of your table are also an excellent choice. My favourite ones are sunflowers because of their fantastic and very autumnal colour. You can also buy a pot of cyclamens, as well. They are very pretty and as they grow during this season, very appropriate for your Fall decor. 
I hope you liked my ideas. I really, really enjoyed creating them for you and taking the pictures. 
I will leave you for now with  some photos from the beach which I took some days ago. It was still warm, but there was a chill in the breeze which made it clear that the season has changed and made us seek 'refuge' inside a beach cafe  to enjoy our cappucinnos  and  unlimited views to the wavy sea!

Good bye for now, have fun and good health and find time to make and do things that you love!!!!!

Tina xxxxxxxx

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Summertime crafting🐟🐬

Hello again after such a long time!

I have been missing you and my little space in blogland and so  today I'm back  to share

some moments of my creative world with youπŸ’—πŸ˜πŸŒ·

 As you can see, I've been working a lot on making necklaces and bracelets for summer outfits and I've had such a great time playing with colours,beads and stainless steel elements. I love using turquoise and light blue,coral red and white colours for my accessories and jewellery.

It's such a creative process to put all the different beads,chains and elements together and manage to make something pleasing to the eye with colours that blend together nicely. 

I have also  been making  decorative wreaths with fabric and crochet flowers, butterflies,lace ribbons and pearls. I also make little birds with fabric and tiny wooden birdhouses to add to my wreaths. I think they are really cute. But what do you think?

I also made some origami cranes recently. This was the first time I made something using this technique and I really enjoyed it and found it addictive !!😍

This is an update of my creative endeavours so far this summer .I hope to be back soon with some more summertime content .

Take care and enjoy your days and nights !!
My love ,

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

What I have been up to lately - a new life chapter

 Hello , hello to you all !!! 

I hope you have all been fine and having a good time !

For me these few last months have been very creative .Creativity and inspiration never cease to give me loads of pleasure and broad horizons. 

I have  been making some handmade jewelery (faux bijoux) for myself and close friends  for many years but I have never really occupied myself with this practice  more seriously and regularly. In the last 3 months I have been attending a course about how to make jewelery and have been making  progress. This has made me more confident to  reach a broader audience and  people seem to like what I make. This is  so rewarding !! I so much like to know that lovely ladies wear my necklaces and bracelets and look and feel  pretty !! As I was collecting pictures to upload here from the past few months, I realized that I have mainly taking snaps of  the jewellery I have made  and very few of decorations and other crafts. I would like to share here some of these photos  wth you and show you  the things I make. 

So , what do you think ?
Of course this is just a tiny sample of what I have made but it is really satisfying to see them here together as I remember  when  and for whom I have made each one !
Apart from jewels,I have also been making lots of lucky charms as the New Year approaches. 
People like to offer and receive one for good luck  and for keeping  all evil eyes away!!!
Here are some of the ones I have made and found a house to go to .

I have also made Christmas wreaths and baubles using  decoupage. 
Here are some more pictures !! 

I will end this long post with photos of our Christmas tree and gingerbread cookies. 

I wish you all a good New Year , with lots of lovely moments , good health, positive vibes, inspiration, creativity and love and may all your wishes for new beginnings and  harmony in your life come true!!
My love to all , 
Tina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx