Wednesday, December 28, 2022

What I have been up to lately - a new life chapter

 Hello , hello to you all !!! 

I hope you have all been fine and having a good time !

For me these few last months have been very creative .Creativity and inspiration never cease to give me loads of pleasure and broad horizons. 

I have  been making some handmade jewelery (faux bijoux) for myself and close friends  for many years but I have never really occupied myself with this practice  more seriously and regularly. In the last 3 months I have been attending a course about how to make jewelery and have been making  progress. This has made me more confident to  reach a broader audience and  people seem to like what I make. This is  so rewarding !! I so much like to know that lovely ladies wear my necklaces and bracelets and look and feel  pretty !! As I was collecting pictures to upload here from the past few months, I realized that I have mainly taking snaps of  the jewellery I have made  and very few of decorations and other crafts. I would like to share here some of these photos  wth you and show you  the things I make. 

So , what do you think ?
Of course this is just a tiny sample of what I have made but it is really satisfying to see them here together as I remember  when  and for whom I have made each one !
Apart from jewels,I have also been making lots of lucky charms as the New Year approaches. 
People like to offer and receive one for good luck  and for keeping  all evil eyes away!!!
Here are some of the ones I have made and found a house to go to .

I have also made Christmas wreaths and baubles using  decoupage. 
Here are some more pictures !! 

I will end this long post with photos of our Christmas tree and gingerbread cookies. 

I wish you all a good New Year , with lots of lovely moments , good health, positive vibes, inspiration, creativity and love and may all your wishes for new beginnings and  harmony in your life come true!!
My love to all , 
Tina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx