Monday, December 13, 2021

Christmas crafts , decor and lucky charms

Hello, hello again!! 

I hope you are all fine and  getting ready for the festive season .  

I have been decorating and creating for some time now. You know these are my most favourite activities and always give me great pleasure!!

I bought these tiny nutcrackers  some weeks ago and they look really cute and festive on my kitchen shelves. 

You can see one of the lucky charms I have created , in the background. 

 A silver snowflake with a red cord. 

This is an old cupboard door ,I didn't use , which I turned into a Christmas painting/decorative item using print-outs , paper napkins, ribbons, some fake greenery and tiny bells. 
What do you think ? It didn't cost me anything and I love the way it looks!!. 

I also made a few lucky charms to give to friends and family during the holidays . I make them every year and  they are one one of the things I really look forward to doing  during the days before the festive season and the holidays.  I use mainly red colours, gold , silver and green . 

It's actually a very easy and   relaxing  craft , the combinations of items , ribbons and colours are endless and the final result is almost always quite satisfactory and pleasing to the eye. 

A gift that doesn't cost much and it is always welcome. 

This is my ginger bread house this year. We assembled it with my boy last Saturday and had a lot of fun as always!!

Christmas decor is almost everywhere around the house , 
favourite tree ornaments, baubles , little fabric dolls, 
A CD  I transformed into an ornament using decoupage ,
poinsettias and berries, 

more baubles ,

and … more lucky charms!!

I took this pic some days ago. It is the Athens Mall decorated for Christmas. 

An advent calendar I made for my boy's class at the  kindergarten,

and finally two  IKEA boxes which I transformed  using old items and ribbons I had at home. 
I love the way they turned out !!!

Well , that's it for today . I wish you all  the very best for Christmas and the New Year, with love , health and many happy moments in  your lives!!! 
My love to all, 
Tina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Summer to Fall

 Hello , hello !!! 

It's beeen so long !!! It's so  nice to be back after so many months . I have really , really missed my little cyber space and our contact!!  I have meant to post since summer , but due to technical problems I never made it. But I'm here today with the 'photo album' of these last months. 

I was very fortunate to have a lovely summer time. We visited various holiday destinations in Greece and really relaxed, after the long and hectic winter and spring time. 

the photos above are from the very picturesque and  of great historical interest,   Nafplion.
Naxos island , in the Cyclades ,offers visitors an abudance of aesthetic and culinary pleasures.  I love the maze of little white-washed houses  that comprise its main town , Hora . Blue, white, turquoise colours everywhere and so many lovely  gift shops and art galleries. You just can't resist them!!

I  had to post the following pics of flowers from my summer balcony pots , garden and vases .
I love their vibrant 'sunny' colours !!

I saw this on the sky  while I was on the beach at the end of August . Very unusual!!
and then  September arrived  and summer soon  faded  away.....

Warmer colours and aromatic filter coffee , 
yellows and oranges, burgundies and off-whites, pumpkins and tea lights at home. 
walks in the hills  near my house, 

cyclamens, my most favourite flowers

handmade fabric pumpkins
and of course  some crochet for a new blanket.
                                               Mellow autumnal colours

                                          and some fall decor at home 

I love enjoying a cup of tea by the fireplace with  the fairy lights on and my scented candles.
Warm colours are so soothing .

Pine cones ar a must for fall decor .

Well , I hope you liked my little photo album  and took some ideas  for your home decor. 
 My best wishes to you all. I hope to be back soon with some Christmassy content. 
Tina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx