Thursday, April 29, 2021

Easter and May table setting

Hello, hello !!
May is almost here and we celebrate Easter this Sunday,   so I thought I would give you some ideas about laying an Easter or May  table !

I started by making napkin rings , using cardboard  rolls   and fabric ,which I wrapped around each ring and then I used some hot glue to stick paper 'rabbit ears' on it. 

I placed my napkins and rings on each plate and added some tiny chocolates and cookies as treats for my guests. 

I made wreathes using paper flowers .

I added ladybirds, rabbits , tiny pots with flowers 
more chocolate in bowls 

a tablecloth in pink and green checks  
plates in  pastel spring colours and flowers 

and this is the final outcome, which I really love!!

I wish all of you a HAPPY MAY  and to those of you who celebrate Easter  , a HAPPY EASTER  with your loved ones !💓💕💕

 My  love to all , 

Tina xxxxxx