Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Christmas coffee and tea bar, gingerbread cookies and handmade ornaments !!

HELLO , HELLO !!!!!!!!!

This is a long one . Lots of photos and festive mood. 
I'm excited with the holidays  and all the Christmas preparations - decoration-wise - as we can't do that much this year due to the pandemic.

 Lots of  lovely ladies in cyberland have created their festive coffee and tea bars and I felt the urge to create my own!! Why not?? 

I started with some fake snow and then I added all the bits and pieces  my eye and heart felt appropriate for this 'installation'. 
I placed the little blackboard on a shelf at the centre .It reads 'white Christmas' in Greek - I know that this is a wish that won't come true in this area ,but away..
I added my favourite mugs, cups and saucers , my gingerbread cookies , tealights, lovely festive napkins and some little wooden toys and santas. Ah ..and of course some chocolate , tea bags , sugar and cofee jars  and pine cones. 
This is the outcome. I was really thrilled with it!
I particularly liked the sunlight coming in from my kitchen window , creating lovely shading. 
See what I mean?

And these are my gingerbread cookies, men, trees and stars  ready for making it to other houses as little Christmas favours. I always give cookies to family, friends and teachers at Christmas, it is a tradition I like keeping ....

I saw a video the other day about how to make christmas ornaments using old CDs and I couldn't but give it a go!!
I made three pieces and hang them from my tree. I think this is a good upcycling idea, very easy to make and quite impressive. you can add some ribbons and glitter to make them even more festive!!

Here are my cookies again. I made a whole lot and took even more pictures . I was thrilled as usual. When I make something,
 I feel like a child who plays in her toyland and forget evrything else for some blessed moments. 

I wish all and everyone, a very merry Christmas and a safe and healthy NewYear. 
Happy Holidays !!! 
Tina  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, November 30, 2020

Advent calendar

Hello lovely  people,

I hope you are all just fine! πŸ’•

Today's  post is about an advent calendar I have made for my son.

I love advent calendars and I have beautiful memories of calendars my mum bought me when I was little. I was so much looking forward to opening the little 'windows' which hid a little Christmas picture.  Today's advent calendars 'hide' sweet treats and gifts and children really love themπŸ˜πŸ™Œ

I saw this idea in a magazine some years ago and I decided to give it a go this year . 
I made  little  fabric pouches using left over fabric in different colours and paterns and 

used a hot glue gun to stick them on a large piece of cardboard which I had already covered in  fabric in purple colour. 

Then, I used very small pieces of cardboard with the numbers 1-25 printed on them . 
I put sweet treats inside the pouches and some tiny , happy critters and dolls and here we are!!

I'm so very happy with the outcome!! I'm looking forward to seeing my son open each one of the pouches in the 25 days till Christmas and devouring the sweet treasures that he will find inside. 

It's so important to create lovely memories for our children !

Advent calendars are nice, but a nicely decorated tree and a warm , cosy atmosphere is equally satisfying and lovely , as well. 
I hope you all are given the chance to create something nice for you and your families this Christmas and that you spend many happy  family days with your loved ones. 

my love to all my readers, Stay safe and healthy and enjoy the holidays!!!

 Tina  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Fall moments

❤Hello lovely people from around the world. This is a quick post just to say hello to you and give you a glimpse of my days and decorations.  I love autumnal colours and the cozy warm interiors along with a cup of aromatic filter coffee. A walk on the beach is a must as the weather is very good and the days are still quite long.  I wish you all many joyful fall days and nights.Till next time , 
Tina πŸ˜πŸ˜™