Monday, January 29, 2018

Decoupage on the...... tray!

Hello dear readers !!!
It’s been such a long , long time since I last posted anything in my little blog . I really missed it  and you!!.
Anyway, I’m back with yet another idea for an easy craft.
You know I have been recently a bit addicted to chalk paint and have tried it on a variety of items.  Among other things I’ve painted, is this old and very indifferent  tray that I’ve had for some years , featuring    starfish, sea shells and pebbles. I have been using it and hating it daily and I had to transform it or do away with it!

 After using two coats of chalk paint the starfish were gone and the tray acquired a lovely matt finish in a soft shade of grey – brown.   

 I used one of my favourite paper napkins inspired by art nouveau  in Paris, decoupage glue, varnish and acrylic paints in black, light brown and silver  and……… this is the outcome!
 I have already used my ‘new’ tray for some stylish coffee drinking and I’m quite pleased with it.

 I hope you liked the idea and that you try transforming items that you have in your house and you are not pleased with. Don’t throw things away , just give them a new life ( when this is possible).

 Take care dear readers and enjoy this new week. February will soon be here and we will be some steps closer to Spring !!!
Till next time,

Tina xxxxx 

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