Sunday, February 12, 2017

Paper hot air balloons

Hello again friends from around the world!
Today, I would like to share with you  an idea for a lovely, easy and fun project that you can easily do with kids: Paper  hot air balloons.
I wanted to make something colourful for  my baby’s room (not that there isn’t enough colour in his room , already, but anyway , colour can never be enough for me!!!)
I saw this tutorial here about how to make paper hot air balloons and clouds and I really liked it.
This is the process to follow, in short:
Step 1: choose paper in six different colours . 
 Step 2: Cut out  balloon shapes (six in total)
Step 3: Fold the balloons into two
 Step 4:  Use some glue to stick the left  side of the first paper to the right side of the second paper  ( Combine the  coloured paper s the way that you like them best).
Step 5: Continue sticking the rest of the papers on the first two ones , in the same way , till you  complete the balloon. 
 Step 6: Before you stick the final side of the last paper, make a large loop of whatever material you have in hand (yarn, string, thread etc.  ) which you will use to hang the balloon from . Stick the final side so that you secure the loop in place.
Step 7: Either make a little paper box or use a box you have at home , to make the ‘basket’ of your  hot air balloon. If your  balloons are tiny , just use a small square piece of paper  , instead.
Step 8: Hang the ‘basket’ from the hot air balloon using some string or other suitable material .
You can also make paper clouds that will give a more realistic character to your creation!! 

 For details and videos  of the process check  YouTube . There are lots of tutorials on how to make paper hot air balloons and mobiles.
Step  9: Hang your balloons around the room to give it a playful , happy ambience.
 Finally : Enjoy the final outcome and why not, dream that you are flying in the sky on a balloon around the world in eighty days!!!!!!
I wish you all a very creative and really good week!!!

Tina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx