Saturday, January 31, 2015

Winter by the sea…… Oh so blue!!

Oh how much I love walking on the beach after the rain! Being next to the sea, in the mid of winter, after a storm ……. Huge overcast skies and wet sand, blues in all hues and the threat of more and more rain, makes my heart happy.

Tons of sea weed, sea urchins perched on rocks and pebbles, a row of red umbrellas waiting patiently for summer months and some white creatures, symbols of purity and peace against the dark blue, cobalt horizon, make an artistic soul wish it could capture their beauty in all possible ways and keep it as a precious gift.

After the rain, when rays of strong sun light escape through the clouds, colours are so ‘strong’ and vivid, brighter and more impressive than ever!! I love the contrast between white and blue. 

A white little church, at the top of a small hill, a port in the horizon, navy blue railings, steps painted in aquamarine , a sapphire  blue sea and white boats .Oh so beautiful!! Scenes worth  capturing through my camera lens and sharing with you.
Enjoy dear readers !!!!!

You don’t need to go far to find beauty. Just look around you!!

 Have a nice weekend my friends.
 Till next time , 
 Tina xxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, January 22, 2015

A flowery wreath and a 'happy' scarf

Hello dear readers,
I hope you are all well and ready to enjoy the weekend that lies ahead.
For us, here in Greece, this is a crucial weekend, as on Sunday we are voting for a new government and these elections are really of vital importance for our country.
Anyway, politics are important in our lives but so are also creativity, optimism and positive thinking. Talking of which, I thought of sharing with you a tiny but cute ‘creation’ that gives a touch of ‘optimism’ and ‘happiness’ in my home décor.
A tiny crochet wreath that can be used in various ways to add some light to your living room, kitchen , bedroom or  desk at the office. It is very small, discreet and bright and it reminds me of sunny spring daysJ.
Remember the pink crochet flowers I showed you in my previous post? I crocheted some more in a deep pink-fuchsia colour and I used some PVA glue to stick them on a pipe cleaner. I got the idea for the wreath from the always very inspiring Attic24 and adapted it to my style and needs.

Then, I added some pearly beads at the center of each flower.   So here we are: a wreath that can be used to decorate a candle holder, like this cute, green frog or a small glass you can use for a tea light. 

 I think this is quite pretty and you can make more than one ,in different colours to use with tea lights and candle holders in matching shapes and styles.
 I used the remaining crochet flowers to embellish a scarf I crocheted to match the pink wrist warmers I made and shared with you last time. 

I’m glad with the final outcome . I used yellow, pink, fuchsia and mauve acrylic yarn for the scarf. It is soft and bright and it can be worn all day by a pretty,little lady.  
This is for now dear readers .
I wish you all, a happy evening with nice company and ‘warm thoughts’.
Till next time,


Friday, January 16, 2015

Oh so pink !!!

Though cold and wintry it may still be , these last days have been full of sunshine and bright skies and the hope of warmer days that lie ahead. The thought of spring and its colourful abundance of buds and flowers, longer days, open windows and the smell of grass and lemon blossoms ‘swirls’ inside my mind and heart and make me look for sources of colour and light wherever I can.
 These tiny flowers appear every winter in a pot on my balcony and make me smile. I love their colour and their resistance to cold weather.
Real flowers are lovely, but crochet ones can also be very pretty, especially when they have my most favourite of colours: pink!

I made these pink flowers, using left over yarn, the other day, just for the fun of it and added some pearly beads on them to give them this extra touch I think they deserved! They remind me of candies. I think they would look nice on a cupcake, along with some pink, soft butter cream  J!

Oh this soft pink colour, it makes my heart happy and I was really glad when a little lady asked me the other day, to crochet a pair of wrist warmers for her using pink yarn. I rushed to my local yarn shop as soon as I got the chance, and set to work right away.

Crocheting wrist warmers can be such a fun and easy activity . They are ready at no time and give some extra colour and style to your outfit. I wear mine at work every day and I feel with gratitude, their soft and warm touch on my usually cold hands.  
I embellished the wrist warmers with two tiny flowers , a pink and a grey one and added some tiny pearly beads .I’m quite satisfied with the result and I think they will look good with a pink silk scarf and a pink purse and will uplift the spirits of the one who will wear them and those who will see her!!
Have a sweet and happy weekend my friends from around the world and thank you for reading !

 Till next time,
 Tina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, January 9, 2015

Wrist warmers for snowy weather

It has been very cold and snowy these last days in Greece.
I really love soft, fluffy snow falling gently and covering everything in a thin veil of white beauty.
When I look outside my windows and see the snowflakes dancing their fragile dance from the sky and onto our world, I feel happy like a child waiting for Santa Claus. Especially, when the Christmas tree is still decorated and the fairy lights are twinkling in the dark room.
It is the time to be warm and cosy and what better for a crafty soul than to make something soft and warm to keep my hands happily busy.

So , here we go , some Alpaca wool, straight from Peru , some left over yarn from a scarf I crocheted some time ago and voilá my brand new wrist warmers to accompany me in my walks in a very cold Athens

I think they are quite pretty and go well with a black , brown or grey coat .They can also be worn with a nice pullover at work and a black crochet scarf  which can be embellished with some lace and beads to add some sparkle and ‘glamour’ to your outfit. I think a girl always likes some glam in her accessories and colour in her life. Do you agree?

Some time ago, I made this necklace using sparkling, crystal beads and a small tassel. I think it suits my new wrist warmers   a lot.

I hope I gave you some ideas to make yourself  some easy accessories that can prettify your winter outfits and keep you warm, either it is snowing outside  or not…..
I wish you all a very warm and cosy evening and relaxed weekend.
My love to you all dear readers,
Till next time,
Tina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx