Monday, June 27, 2016

Summer time

Summer time , end of  June .
 These last months have  flown away so fast ! So many things to do,  no time for thinking or daydreaming .
  A new life is flowering in our home, so sweet , tender and innocent, without worries and concerns.
We spend most of the time together and this is nice but also a huge responsibility.
 Sometimes, when incidental   circumstances   trigger  a series of thoughts in my mind and feelings in my heart   , I let myself worry for a while about things beyond my control .
But I know we all have our not so cheerful  moments and so I try to focus on the good side of things and the beauty that surrounds me and uplifts my spirits.  

 I hope you like the photos I have chosen to share with you today, from my photo files  dating back some years .

 I so long for the turquoise  blue waters , the seagulls , the little boats  , swimming till the sun dives  into the sea , in the horizon.
 Swimming makes me feel born again, fresh and revived . I need holidays!!!

Many wishes and love to all of you my dear readers,
                                                                         Till next time,
                                                                                                          Tina xxx

Saturday, June 11, 2016

The first days of Summer

Summer is here already and I’m happy the days are longer and warm.
Our little garden looks great these days , very green and vibrant .

 It gives me great pleasure to look around and see how well some bushes and flowers are doing, after the long winter period .

 I took some photos the other day around the garden and some favourite spots in the house , where we spend some of our weekends and holidays. 

 This is the best time of year for the house and garden, as we can have windows and doors open during the day and spend most of the time outside being surrounded by the green landscape, listening to the birds and the sounds of  nature.

 This is my most favourite corner at home, where I spend  my time reading my favourite magazines and books and doing some crochet or day -dreaming. 

I love the reflections on the wall.You can see the chandelier and the leaves of a tree outside! 

On the craft front, I managed to make some time and crochet a tiny blanket for my beloved baby son .

 I love the colours: soft, light blue and green, yellow and white ,the perfect colour combination for a  baby boy. 
I would like to add here that this blanket isn’t a finished project.

 I will  try to keep making it bigger and bigger as the baby  grows ! The blanket will grow with him!   Let’s consider it then, a work in progressJ

I wish you all a lovely summer Sunday!
(I don't know what plant this is , but I was amazed by its most unusual  ,'original' appearance!!)

My love,

Tina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx