Sunday, February 28, 2016

Colours , masks and a new arrival!!

The weather has been gloriously sunny and warm lately and Nature has definitely decided that it  is spring time already.
I decided the same, and filled my house with flowers in pots, vases and crafts.

Tulips in vibrant red , mauve  hyacinths in pots  and candy colours in the kitchen.

A little craft for me : a decoupage mask in warm colours and nostalgic patterns.

 Outside ,a green carpet  stretches  around , interrupted by the yellow of the wild marigolds and the pink and purple  anemones.

A posy in a ceramic vase assembles  all colours together, in a symphony of spring colours.
This week, I was really excited and thrilled  and vey –very happy,  because I organized and taught a workshop at school to decorate carnival masks. The Carnival season started a week ago in our country and parties and parades will take place in many towns and cities.
I have some really talented students at school and I thought they would like the idea to  decorate their masks , using what else ……….. decoupage with paper napkins and also some colourful feathers , glitter , ribbons and lots  of smiles!!!
 We had our workshop last Tuesday at our school’s library and spent two wonderful hours , playing with napkins, acrylic colours, glues and varnishes .
We were all excited and the results are very satisfactory. Each one of the masks has each own unique personality and beauty.
Here, take a look.

We are going to display them all at school  to give some extra , carnival colour to the days ahead.

I will leave you now my dear  readers with the photo of a little, strong and graceful creature that arrived very recently  and already knows how to pose for the camera!!!!

Have a lovely Sunday and hope spring comes your way soon!!!

 Tina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

Sunday, February 14, 2016

A chocolate and strawberry kiss!

Good morning Valentines!!!

Good morning with a chocolate and strawberry kiss from me to you!
Oh I love juicy and sweet, tender and red-red strawberries !!!
  I came across these ones on Friday , at a street market in my town .
Although it is a bit early in the season for them in Greece, they were unexpectedly  sweet  and aromatic! 
The perfect  fruit  for making something  sweet, fresh and tender today!!: strawberry , chocolate kisses, but you can call them whatever pleases you!
The recipe is a random thing , I saved in mind from TV series and old knowledge J
Apart from the strawberries you need – for six kisses :
1. About 200 grams  dark chocolate
2. Pudding feeling  ( i.e. powder you turn into a mousse adding in some milk)
3. Some (7-8)  small , chocolate and cream biscuits
4.  6 small  plastic  cups/glasses  or aluminum  cups (the ones we use for cupcakes)
What you do :
a. Melt the chocolate and fill each plastic cup/glass with a full table spoon .Gently and carefully ,turn the cup around so that the melted chocolate spreads over its inner surface and forms a chocolate cup. 

Put them in the freezer for about an hour.
b. Make the instant chocolate mousse
c. Cut the strawberries into small pieces and when the mousse is ready ,add them into  the mixture.  Put the mixture into the fridge.
d. Crash the biscuits into pieces .
Putting all together :
a. Take the plastic cups from   the fridge and remove the plastic -very carefully- by cutting the plastic around the rim vertically. You gently remove the plastic and you ‘uncover’ your chocolate cups/pots .

b. Put a very small quantity of biscuits at the bottom of each choco cup
c. Add the mousse on top and a strawberry
You are ready !!!

 Some sparkling wine and a red tulip go well with these sweet kisses and I’m sure they  will sweeten your day!

Love to all of you from my heart !

Friday, February 12, 2016

Love is in the air!!

Hello my dear readers. I’m very excited about today’s post because it is full of my favourite colours and delicate little items for the house and to offer as a small token of your love.
I don’t know about you, but I’m the kind of girl who gets loads of pleasure by creating little moments of visual happiness around me, using materials and things I have at home, adding some splash of colour to them, making some decorative arrangements and giving new life to old fabric, some favourite ribbons, lace, a lovely paper napkin and so many more. 
This happy endeavor reaches its peak when it comes to celebrating something , either this is a birthday, nameday  , welcoming guests at home  or just……. St Valentine’s !
 I  believe that we should  find or even create chances to celebrate, to give some extra colour to our  daily routine and ‘escape’ even just for some moments, from some unpleasant realities. It helps us a lot and it helps the people around us!
Let’s celebrate the season then with an easy make , a raspberry red , flowery heart for your bedroom, living room , bathroom, to hang from a door knob or just let it lie on your desk and smile to youJ
I made this heart two days ago ,when I stayed at home because of a serious cold I had and despite feeling really weary , this little thing , brightened my day.
I should say here that for this heart I was inspired by  a beautiful heart made by the very talented and always inspiring Helen, .
 As I was browsing an arts and crafts shop the other day, I came across this little  tree which was sort of waiting for me on its  shelf. It cost only 4 euro , but the amount of pleasure its potential transformation gave me was very big!
I decided that I wanted to keep its simplicity and beauty and I decided not to interfere with lots of colours and decoupage , just a coat of acrylic white paint and some tiny buds of an almond tree, that came from a napkin I had in my collection.

 Ta-dah! Here is the almond tree that marks the beginning of spring and its delicate pink colours  soothe  and calm the senses ……..:)

 You can see it photographed here with some of my little fairies , my sweet  never -aging girls!

I always have at home some pieces of balsa wood and they always come in handy when it comes to making something easy and pretty!

 For this little love keepsake I used a small piece of balsa wood , decoupage glue and varnish, a pretty paper napkin with a couple of cupids , some lace, and some  silver relief paint.

I love, love, this vintage looking little thing !!
 It looks very good next to a copper lantern and a small silver plate . Add some doves and some extra lace and you have created a welcoming, antique looking vignette for a small table or a shelf!

 I hope I have given you some ideas   that will inspire you and that you have spent some pleasant time with me sharing my thoughts and little creations!!!

Have fun whatever you do!!!!
My love to all,

Tina xxx