Friday, November 18, 2016

The ‘Studio’

Back in 2009 when I  first got aquainted with the wonderful , vast  world of  crafters’ blogs  and their artistic creations , one of the things that I liked and was ‘jealous’ of , were the really special spaces  these people had dedicated to their crafting activities: their studios.
These studios were either little rooms in an attic or basement, a corner in a living room or a small apartment where a variety of colourful, artistic, pretty and useful items came together to create little ‘nests’ of inspiration and work.
That’s how the thought of creating my inspirational little space at home was created in my restless mind and after some time I managed to transform a little room at home , into my STUDIO’.
(The  sign was made with acrylic colours , buttons and ribbon on balsa wood

I was thrilled while furnishing it and accumulating various items I could use for my makes.
You know I’m not a professional; I just adore using my imagination and artistic skills to make things and decorate my home with them, or give them to friends and family.
                                                    (a cushion made of left over fabric)
My studio has the very basic stuff for me:my sewing machine, a humble collection of fabric , some yarn, my easels, brushes and colours for my paintings, sewing kits, paper napkins and decoupage glues and varnishes, lots of crayons, markers and colourful cartons and papers  , buttons in all shapes and colours , some books I love , magazines for inspiration  and daydreaming , some favourite paintings in canvas , photos, postcards  and fairy lights!
I was very happy I  finally had my little colourful space at home and I  had often thought of sharing some  photos with you but it has never happened until today.
                                                      (crochet bird , robin and bird house)
This is not a coincidence but rather the last chance I had to share it with you as it will soon be transformed into something else, something cute and tender and loving : the baby’s room!
 I’m very happy my little one will soon have its one room ,but I’m also a bit sad  as I will miss my  happy , little  studio!
Welcome then to my private ‘paradise’ .Come on in . I hope you enjoy this little tour!!!
                                                                   (the entrance)
                                                                        Here  we are !


                             (I painted this oil in canvas some years ago and it is  my favourite!)

(a bamboo armchair for reading and daydreaming .
In the background, a small easel with another favourite painting by a friend of the family.) 

 (My sewing machine, a  crochet pincushion, crochet flowers in a blue vase, a tiny wooden chest od drawers)

(handmade gift tags)

(small collection of favourite fabrics and yarn in my'colours' )

                                     (paintbrushes,acrylic colours,  paper napkins, ribbons)

(sheep skin , boxes for storage, a favourite plastic bag for yarn )

That's the end of this little tour my dear readers. I hope you liked it !
I wish you all a most relaxed and care-free weekend.
My love, 
Tina x

Thursday, November 10, 2016

These days ........

These days I’m spending most time at home looking after my sweet baby who’s growing up fast  and attracting almost all my attention and care.
 As  I have been working almost all my adult life , now is the first time that I spend so much time at home (I’m on maternity leave)  , without the worries of setting and achieving goals at work, keeping  deadlines, dealing with lots of people  and demands , but also feeling  the  self fulfillment  that comes with realizing your goals and tasting the ‘fruit of your labours’.
 I love my job and I always try to set new challenges for me and my students each year to  make lessons more fruitful and attractive .
  But  of course, I also greatly enjoy this luxury of time spent at home , without having to rush to get to work in time and  preparing for the next day.
Still, as I am a person who loves and appreciates creativity and loves changes, I  try to find some time to be creative  and productive at home !
To be honest , these days I’m mostly thinking about  things I can make for the baby’s room and christening and I have so many ideas that it is rather hard to make up my mind .
 I’m on a brainstorming phase now , collecting ideas and information and I hope to finally decide what I will make and start working on it !
The photos I’m sharing with you today give you some idea of my life these days .

We carved a pumpkin on Halloween for the first time this year . 
 We don’t celebrate Halloween in Greece but  as we live in a global village we are starting to borrow some elements from this Celtic tradition. I also made a spicy pumpkin soup which was very much to my taste!

You know I love little vignettes around my home.

 This one is inspired by woods in autumn and winter and  forest creatures !!

  I love it so much I think I’ll keep it for Christmas and I will add some holy and ivy  and some ‘snow’.

Look at my little collection of tiny houses. I love them and  I can’t resist buying one when I find them. Aren’t they cute? 

 I want to use some of them to make something for the baby’s room but I’m not sure yet, what this something will be ……

We went on a day trip to the mountain the other day . 
 The colours of the leaves were spectacular , the blue sky and the light were so bright that it felt like spring!

 I love little escapes to Nature, to little picturesque villages with pretty little shops selling  local produce ,

and handmade items and places where you can enjoy a cup of cappuccino and a sweet, breathe in the mountain air and feel relaxed and happy.

That’s all for now dear readers , I hope you are all well and have a good time at home and at work !
My love,

Tina xJ