Monday, April 20, 2015

And another one ……………..!!!

Hello my dear readers,
I hope you are all well and enjoying  spring.
In my last post I showed you two of the wreaths I have made.
Well , guess what ,I have just made another one! Do you think I over do it? May be , yes, but it gives me great pleasure, so I guess, it is OK!
 I was so much affected by the beauty of the countryside around me and the brightness of spring colours that I wished to bring spring and nature inside the house!!

I started by making a number of little colourful creatures, using some favourite fabric, buttons and a little imagination.
Little happy butterflies,

Two ‘friendly looking’ birds,

Flowers and leaves.
Some readymade paper and fabric flowers I bought some time ago,

And Ta-dah !!!!  Here comes another spring wreath, that makes my heart a bit happier !!

Do you like it? I love the different shades of pink and the way they blend together with the rest of the bright colours, some yellow, grey blue, green and fuchsia.
I love this wreath and I think it actually managed to bring some spring air inside my house!
Thank you for reading and enjoy the week with the people you love.
I’ll be back soon with another one of my favourite makes.


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Two wreaths for spring !

You know how much I love wreaths and I often find  a good excuse to make yet another one! Spring and Easter sound like a good excuse to me! What do you think? Well, I’m sure you agree!
Today I’ll share with you two wreaths, inspired by the beauty of the natural world at spring!

I bought this polystyrene wreath some weeks ago and I was waiting for the right time   to get creative with it! The right time was yesterday.
 I used   the patterns from three different paper napkins .I loved these red hens , the beige and white stripes , the little hearts and birds. For this wreath , I I used one of my favourite craft techniques  : decoupage. I finished it off with two coats of varnish to make it look more shiny and time resistant! 

The glue and varnish I use are special products ,  used for decoupage and you can find them at all art   and crafts shops . This is an easy technique that gives you ideal results at almost no time and with just  a little effort.     

The second wreath , I’m sharing with you today was made two years ago. This wreath is the ‘house’ of a cute , little  bird I made using some favourite pieces of fabric I had at home .
I quite like this  critter. It is sweet and seems happy  J!

I  hang the bird from the wreath using some ‘ribbons’ made from the same fabric as the bird and added a small bunch of fresh lavender  to give some colour and its delicate smell to my wreath. The lavender has dried out but it still has some smell and I adore its colour and presence. I love lavender! 

I hope I’ve inspired you to make your own spring wreaths and enjoy them  not only in spring time , but all year round!
To those of us who celebrate Easter this Sunday, Happy Easter ! The weather today was wintry but they say Easter Sunday will be sunny and  quite warm.
Till next time, my love to you all,

Tina   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx