Saturday, March 13, 2021

Coffee time any time!☕

Hello every body !!
I was taking some pictures this morning for my instagram account and I realized that most of my photo shoots involve some kind of coffee drinking. 
I love the ritual of  taking time sipping  aromatic coffee from a pretty mug or cup and nibbling something sweet.                                                       
It's one of life's little pleasures that I adore. 
I mostly like breakfast coffee but I equally have a soft spot for an early afternoon one, which I accompany with one of my favourite biscuits. I like coffee really warm  but I can take my mug around the house and enjoy sipping from it even when coffee is cold. I drink hot coffee and tea in the summer  , though when the weather is really warm , a freddo cappuccino  is my 'cup of tea'!!                                                                                                                          
Some weeks ago, we had a snow storm in Greece, something really unusual for us. When the sun came out and snow stopped falling , I took my  coffeee tray outside and spend some moments admiring the white , crystal beauty. Coffee was hot and very soon ......frozen .

                       On Valentine's day , coffee was accompanied by a cake  with chocolate and straberries plus some pink roses  .              

An afternoon coffee tastes better with  a  sweet treat made from oat flakes, banana, raisins  and nuts. 

Freddo cappuccino in below  zero temperatures:)

Coffee  time in the warmth of my cozy  living room  in the glow of candles

                                      and the crackling fire during a 30- hours- long power cut!
             Oh!  Christmas coffee  bar arrangements have to be special ,for Christmas is only once a year :)

Halloween coffee never comes without a pumkin ,,,or two !

Reading books and coffee drinking go hand- in- hand especially on cold afternoons. 

Coffee in my little kitchen . Time for relaxation and introspection. Light a candle and day dream!
Coffee when spring approaches . The hope of longer and brighter days make it sweeter. 

A burst of colour makes my heart burst with  happiness.
Everything is OK  , 

                 Tea is also soooo good when night falls and you leave your day worries behind you . 
Just before Easter , even in lockdown mode, cake and coffee help you move forward :) with a smile and a certainty that this will pass, too. 
Summer time coffee is pure bliss. I can read a book, draw with my little boy, paint,  do my crafts , crochet,  do some decoupage , collect seashells and pebbles , decorate , chat with friends , relax on the beach , 
or just gaze at the green open space , the olive trees , the tall grass , smell the sea breeze and feel reborn. .

 Wow , I didn't know I had so much to say about coffee drinking, given also the fact that I started drinking in my late thirties. Ourself really amazes us sometimes. 

Well, that's it for today. I hope to be back soon with more thoughts , crafts , colour, ideas and love !!
Tina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx