Sunday, April 24, 2016

A napkin case and an egg stand for spring!

Hello, hello dear readers!!!!
I have been absent from blogland for some days now  and I can really say I missed it!!!. Although I have been very busy at home and at work, I found some time to do a few little crafts to show you today.
But  before  talking about crafts let me show you some pictures from my little world these days .
 Oh , I’ m very proud of my little strawberry plant which managed to grow an amazing - for its size- fruit!
Look at it ,isn’t it beautiful? So red and juicy!!!

I adore creating little scenes with  toys and other creatures , in the garden or at home . The little girl in my heart  gets immense pleasure by looking at them and  dreaming  of fairy tale lands JJJ!!!

Easter is next Sunday for us and so I  made an egg stand for my red eggs.

 I  painted  a little wooden hen in a bright  yellow colour and added  a few flowery details,  using decoupage glue.
  I added a red ceramic egg, and voilά!! It is quite cute , isn’t it?

 I had two more little hens and I opted for a white colour for them . I ornated  their tiny necks with ribbons and put them on my kitchen shelf. I love their simplicity!!
Finally , I  decorated a napkin case to use on my Easter table.
 Step 1: I painted the wooden case lemon green .
Step 2: Then, I rubbed   the whole surface with a white candle.
 Step 3: I painted the case again, using a turquoise blue .

 Step 4: I used sandpaper to gently rub the whole surface thus revealing the lemon-yellow colour underneath.
             This way you make your object look old and give it a vintage style!
Step 5: I decorated it inside and on its sides using a favourite paper napkin with spring flowers and a decoupage glue.
Step 6: I  varnished the case using a special matte varnish for decoupage.

 I love, love , love it!!!
It is is to make and very impressive .

 I hope you liked my little ideas and I wish you a lovely Sunday .
Happy Easter to all of you who celebrate this week!!

My love  to all.

Tina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx