Friday, June 26, 2015


This is the time of year that we often go camping for a weekend or so, to a place very dear to me , very green , quiet , close to the sea and full of happy ,childhood memories.
That’s why I would like to talk about camping to you today.
 I don’t know if you are the kind of person who likes going camping, because I know quite a few who are not very keen on spending some nights sleeping in a small  tent , lying on the rough surface of  an uneven ground , having to deal with all sorts of insects and small critters who  inhabit the area J.

 If you choose an organized camp site, then things are often quite easier , though crowded places, with cars that come and go and hordes of families who behave as if they own the place, may prove  quite ‘challenging’ for  your peace of mind.
I have actually camped in different places and under different conditions for many years and I can surely say that I like camping no matter how ‘tricky’ it might be, at times. 
I remember setting a tent on a mountain, near a lake, in early spring, listening to the croaking of hundreds of frogs who lived there and decided to give their performance while we were trying to get some sleep – it was actually the best lullaby we could have!!

 I have camped on remote beaches with no water or electricity, under a starlit sky, listening to the soft murmuring of the waves that makes me happy. It is amazing how bright stars are away from city lights and how soothing the sound of the sea can be!

 I can spend hours looking at the sky , head turned upwards , trying to identify the different constellations, catching  a glimpse of a falling star and making  a wish.

I also like it when I find a nice well organized camp site, with bungalows, and a traditional tavern with fresh sea food and umbrellas on a long , sandy beach.

Yes, I believe that the only way to feel close to nature and accept its generous gifts, is to sleep  in a humble abode , feeling and smelling the forest, the sea, the sand, the pebbles , the open air around you.

 I love watching the sun coming up , emerging from the depths of the blue sea in the distant horizon, listening to the birds happily singing at the arrival of the new day, and to the crickets when I go to sleep.

 These are things you may miss when you are staying at a big hotel watching TV and getting ready for a hundred different activities organized by others for you.
 This does not mean that I don’t like the luxury that nice hotels offer, but when I want to spend some quiet time close to Nature, then camping is my choice!

 What about you? What do you think about camping and what's your favourite way of spending some quiet time in the arms of  the countryside?

I will leave you here my dear readers, wishing you a sunny and warm summer weekend, hoping that you spend it wherever and however you like it best!!

Tina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, June 14, 2015

A decorative idea for your bathroom!!

Hello my dear readers! It’s been a while that we haven’t talked ,but this is a very hectic time of year
 at work , with exams , corrections of papers , marks etc.
 Nevertheless , ‘creation’ can never wait and fortunately there are often sources of inspiration around that can  trigger yet another  crafting processJ!
I was browsing a  Home Accessories store the other day and I came across a very simple but clever idea for  storing the toilet paper roll at your bathroom. I was thrilled, for some reason, by this little make and I decided to give it a try and share it with you.
  I seem to always be attracted to cute ,  little things one can easily make at home, using some  pretty , leftover fabric and her sewing skills.
These are the steps I followed:
STEP1 : choose a fabric that suits the colours of your bathroom and cut out a circle  and a rectangle, based on the dimensions of a toilet  paper roll.

 STEP 2 : Sew a hem for the rectangle  using a thread of a similar colour.
STEP 3: Sew the two ends of the rectangle in such a way that you form a cylinder .

STEP 4: Take the fabric circle and  place it on top of the cylinder and then sew it in a way that you  join the two (circle and cylinder  together) , forming  the case for the toilet roll.

 STEP 5: Embellish the case using fabric letters , a tiny bath pattern, tiny towels , little hearts or anything else you may  like. 
I actually glued the little fabric patterns on the toilet roll case, but you can sew them on it.

 Anyway, those of you who are good at sewing can create  fantastic things and make this little decorative item a ‘gem’ for the bathroom!

Happy crafting then, my dear readers and  enjoy the week that starts tomorrow.

Here in Greece it is really warm and summery and the beach is the place  to be for most of the time –if you are lucky enough to live near the sea!

Tina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, June 1, 2015

A new month and a seahorse !!

Summer is officially here dear readers and three months of summery things lie ahead!
Things I like doing in summer  time:   
  •    riding my very old but  dear bike, 

  •  gazing at open , turquoise blue horizons,
  • day dreaming,  
  • crafting without looking at the watch!!!!

I love these little changing rooms/huts on the beach and can’t stop taking photos of them. I think this ‘tendency’ is related to my little obsession with similar little houses (i.e. bird houses, doll houses , beach huts etc), as you already knowJ.

First day of summer and a first summer crafting idea for you!!:
 A sea horse made of  little pieces of  tiles , china and glass, found on the beach! 
Collecting theses tiny weathered, sea drifted  pieces is another one of the things I like doing while on holidays and it is definitely another one of my little obsessions…..:)

I put them in boxes and arrange and rearrange them, till I find the right pieces to give life to a little critter.
It may sound like an easy thing to do , but it actually takes up a lot of time and  effort, but when everything comes together and all the little pieces of the puzzle are on their right place, the outcome is very pleasing and rewarding!

I used some PVA glue to stick the pieces on this drift wood I found on the beach and gave it a new appearance using  sandpaper and varnish.
Do you like it?
I think it will add a summery touch to your home. So , why don’t you give it a try!
Happy crafting dear readers and a happy June to all of you, wherever you are in this vast world!

Tina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx