Sunday, October 22, 2017

Autumnal colours and thoughts

Hello , hello dear readers!!!!!!
I’m so very happy to be back to my little blog after a long absence. I was so very much looking forward to returning, but that was not possible due to ‘technical issues’. 
 My old and long trusted camera, after a long and very productive life, decided to retire for good, so I couldn’t take any good quality pictures (sniff).  But finally, yesterday, on my birthday, a new friend arrived home and made me very, very, very happy and I wanted to sing and dance around the house : a new camera!!! . I had been  planning to buy one for some time now and it finally happened – it was partly a birthday present as some people I love , joined forces with me to cover the expense . It isn’t a professional camera, but it is actually a lot better than my last one, which had covered a very long distance and proved a good choice.
So , this morning  I woke up with my heart feeling the thrill of the anticipation of yet another photo shooting trip to show  and share with you my world.
 As it was Sunday, we decided to spend some time close to nature and give ourselves and the little one, the chance to walk , run and play in the open air. We headed for a nearbuy park, a really vast, green area .It hasn’t rained for  a long time and  the soil and grass are dry, but   there is still abundance of autumnal colours around.

I was attracted by the green substance on the bark of these almond trees which apparently – as I was told – is a fungus which thrives on these trees and finally  destroys them! I don’t know if this is actually the case , but in any matter, I hope the trees make it and the vibrant yellow embellishment is just an eye - catching feature that makes the naked trees stand out and look extraordinarily  beautiful!

We walked around for about two hours and the little one was happy  with this exploration of the ‘vast wilderness’ , he was sweating , falling down and getting up again determined to seize this day of freedom, outside the house  and with so many things to see and touch.

Oh , it was really hot under the  strong sun, but this was my ally in this photographing  ‘quest’, as the contrast  between light and shade was magnificent and  all the browns, amber, ochre and  multiple shades of green, stood out boldly.

  I noticed the trees when processing the pictures and was amazed at the powerful impression they create. They have enormous trunks, yet they are slim and strong in a lofty way , being aware of their victory over time , standing there for tens of years , letting things and people change around them, still they remain there, seemingly ageless…
 It was a lovely family day out in a scenery of autumnal colours and with lots of photos capturing these happy moments.

Thank you for visiting my blog dear friends,
I wish you all a lovely new week with only positive things happening to you.
My love,

                                                                           Tina xxx