Monday, September 2, 2019

Summer colours and memories 🍉

 Summer moments that translate into memories that trigger feelings of calmness, peacefulness and relaxation.

 The deep blue of the sea , the picturesque  little villages,

 quaint  cottages in a fishermen's village,
 simple but lovely decorative touches,

 a cup of coffee at the rear of my garden,
 the view from a lovely hotel room,

 a beach towel in favourite colours,
 a stroll around an old and very pretty village on the mountains,
 endless sunsets on the beach

sea breeze on my face,
the colour of bougainvillea blooms,

the simple everyday miracles that nature and love bring to our lives....... I'm thankful and grateful  for all these precious summer memories💖. Hope we all have a lovely new month and autumn.       My love to all, Tina😊