Friday, September 5, 2014

A lovely tree house for all seasons !

I have always had a love for small spaces, either this is a beach hut behind sand dunes , a small , romantic attic, a boat house with bunting hanging from its door or a …….. cute doll’s  house. I suppose it is this feeling that I get that the house softly embraces you and keeps you warm and happy in its cosy space that makes me love tiny spaces.

 A tree house, I suppose, is also every romantic heart’s dream.
 Especially, if it comes with a magnificent view of a dense forest of oak trees, a  beautiful lake and high mountains in the distance. 

Some time ago, I found out about a tree house for rent in the North of the Peloponnese, Greece and we spent  some lovely  days, there.
The whole area is covered by dense vegetation of fir, pine, oak trees and many more.  There is also a big and lovely artificial lake with a small peninsula where a very old Byzantine church stands The altitude is about 1,000 m. The place is called Archaia  Feneos and the tree house is located in the premises of  a Guesthouse open all year round ( ).

As I am in an autumnal mood right now (read  my previous post), the tree house came to my mind and I thought I would share some photos with you.
 Actually, this ‘flash back’ aims at bringing back from 'memory  land' the lovely days I spent there and will help me day dream about returning to it, soon. I think it is the perfect choice for a weekend in autumn and winter months.

 I like the simple but stylish way in which it is decorated ,especially the fairy lights that hung from the ceiling and the airy fabrics in earthly colours that have been used instead of curtains.

 The smells and colours of the forest must be incredible at this time of year and the fresh and slightly chilly air of the evening will be most refreshing . There is also a nice lounge in the main building of the Guesthouse, where you can have delicious breakfast or enjoy your evening tea or drinks.  

 Did you enjoy this little trip to the mountains? I enjoyed it  a lot.
If you have ever stayed at a tree house write to me about it , I'll be glad to read about your 'tree-house experience'.
Bye, bye for now dear readers, I'm off to a little lady's house to work on birthday party  gifts for guests . I can't imagine of a better way to start the weekend!!
Till next time,
Love to all ,
Tina xxx


  1. Ι loved your pictures.

    1. I'm glad you liked the pictures , this is actually a magnificent place.