Monday, October 6, 2014

Gardening and a bit of Decoupage!!

Last Saturday, I spent the day in the garden which ,I must confess, desperately needed some love and care.
The day was good and we soon rolled up our sleeves and started to work.

After some hours of hard but satisfying efforts to bring the garden back to a more appropriate state, it was time to get creative on the more artistic front!

 A little bit of decoupage on wood was the next step towards a productive morning outdoors! Some weeks ago, I came across this candle wall sconce and I thought that it would look nice somewhere in the house. I didn’t know exactly where, but I was sure I needed it! I bought it at a very law price from an arts and crafts shop and I decided to give it a new, more glamorous life, through the miraculous technique of decoupage!
 Inspired as I was by the garden, the flowers and the serenity of nature, I wanted to depict all these on my sconce…. :) hehehehe The first step of the transformation came in the form of a layer of acrylic paint .
 Then, I chose patterns from  four different paper napkins. Butterflies in different colours, flowers, a tulip, all inspired by the beauty of the natural world. (More details about the technique of decoupage you can find in my previous post, here) After just a few minutes, the whole process was over. I added some varnish to give it a better final look and here it is!

Do you like it? An interesting, happy, tender and romantic new creation, ready at such a short time and without spending almost any money. Not bad at all. Do you agree dear readers?

 I’m now working on a new idea for decoupage ,which I hope to share with you soon!!
 Have a nice week, dear friends from around the world.
 Till next time,


  1. Good job,

  2. Next time we will create something together dear , sweet Stef.
    Tina xxxxx