Friday, January 16, 2015

Oh so pink !!!

Though cold and wintry it may still be , these last days have been full of sunshine and bright skies and the hope of warmer days that lie ahead. The thought of spring and its colourful abundance of buds and flowers, longer days, open windows and the smell of grass and lemon blossoms ‘swirls’ inside my mind and heart and make me look for sources of colour and light wherever I can.
 These tiny flowers appear every winter in a pot on my balcony and make me smile. I love their colour and their resistance to cold weather.
Real flowers are lovely, but crochet ones can also be very pretty, especially when they have my most favourite of colours: pink!

I made these pink flowers, using left over yarn, the other day, just for the fun of it and added some pearly beads on them to give them this extra touch I think they deserved! They remind me of candies. I think they would look nice on a cupcake, along with some pink, soft butter cream  J!

Oh this soft pink colour, it makes my heart happy and I was really glad when a little lady asked me the other day, to crochet a pair of wrist warmers for her using pink yarn. I rushed to my local yarn shop as soon as I got the chance, and set to work right away.

Crocheting wrist warmers can be such a fun and easy activity . They are ready at no time and give some extra colour and style to your outfit. I wear mine at work every day and I feel with gratitude, their soft and warm touch on my usually cold hands.  
I embellished the wrist warmers with two tiny flowers , a pink and a grey one and added some tiny pearly beads .I’m quite satisfied with the result and I think they will look good with a pink silk scarf and a pink purse and will uplift the spirits of the one who will wear them and those who will see her!!
Have a sweet and happy weekend my friends from around the world and thank you for reading !

 Till next time,
 Tina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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