Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A place I love !

There are places in our lives that are very dear to us for different reasons. Places we need to visit again and again and never cease to give us this special feeling of inner tranquility and comfort. Places related to dear memories and people we love.

I will share with you today such a place. A very green seaside resort where the pine trees reach the sea and the beach is covered with colourful pebbles and red sand. A place of wild beauty and some hidden treasures, secluded little bays where you can enjoy a refreshing swim in the emerald waters, away from crowds.
 I come back to it from time to time and it always does its little magic: uplift my spirits and make me smile. I went there again, some days ago. It had rained all morning and everything was very wet and very green. It was cold, quiet and calm. I followed the little, narrow path that takes you from the street to the stone stairs that lead you down to the beach and took some photos to show you.
 This pathway is a ‘secret’ one, known only to people that live in the area. Follow it and you will see the beach ahead in the near distance, with trees ‘hanging’ just above it, dangerously balancing on the red rocks. I love the red colour of the soil and this wild beauty. In the summer, the sun is so strong here that you can’t stand for long outside the cold water and you long for some shade. Now, it is quiet and lonely, yet the memories of past summers accompany me in the sweetest way.

 Walking in the street after leaving the beach, I came across a half hidden tree house. I adore tree houses, especially the ones made of very humble materials by their owners and not ready made ones.
Pine trees, the smell of the forest and the sea, rainy weather, peace and quiet and a beautiful, little tree house . 

Well, it really felt good to be there on that Sunday morning at the beginning of spring. In a few months the holiday crowds will be back on the beaches and by the hotel pools, but on that day everything was just mine and my daydreaming soul!!
Enjoy your walks and favourite places,

                                                                   Till next time,
                                                                        Tina xxx 


  1. Beautiful photos!

    1. Thank you my dear . I hope you get well soon and we will meet in few days!
      Tina xxxxxxxx

  2. I love secret pathways too! Are we soulmates or simply...sisters?
    Jeison King

  3. Do you happen to know this place, too?
    Is it your favourite one ?
    Thanks for leaving a comment.
    See you all soon,
    Tina xxxxx

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