Friday, May 8, 2015

A crochet blanket for spring and summer

I learnt how to crochet when I was at school  and from time to time I made little things  just to  keep my hands busy, but I had never crocheted anything  special . Then, I forgot all about it for many years .
When, I  found out that there is a vast new world out there , called blogland and   started reading the blogs of some very talented ladies, I was reintroduced into the magic world of crochet!! 

I bought a hook and some yarn and started creating my first granny squares.

It didn’t take long for this practice to become some sort of addiction and the little granny squares                   ...........multiplied ‘dangerously’! 

 The more I made, the happier I felt and I soon started thinking about how to best put them to use.
Cushions were the obvious choice! I made about 4-5 cushions for the sofa and the armchairs and then I took the big decision: a blanket would be the next step to my quest!
 That first blanket started in autumn and had been completed by the end of winter. It was a warm, wool, white , winter blanket. But spring came soon, and my fingers felt uneasy and ready for another project: a spring - summer blanket!
  I went shopping again and the obvious colour choices for a spring time project were, what else: bright orange and candy pink, grassy green and sunny yellow, turquoise, white and light blue.
I used soft, cotton yarn with a silky texture and started crocheting granny squares   using three or four colour combinations for each one.
 I used colours randomly. I just wanted to have fun without caring so much about making identical squares. I felt like a child drawing with new crayons!
This crocheting journey lasted for some months. Most of the work took place while I was on holiday. I used to wake up , make  some filter coffee and take my crochet to the backyard . I spent some wonderful, relaxed and happy hours there, sitting in the shade , playing with colours and piling up more and more granny squares.
  I remember this lovely activity with nostalgia. It was one of my best summers ever! Apart from crocheting I made lots of other crafts and this fever of creativity and excitement tired me physically but made me very happy!!
When summer ended ,most of the work was done, but I had to make some serious decisions that needed   courage: how to combine all the squares  to make the best of the colour and shape combinations!
When autumn came, I was ready, and started spending  many hours and days as a matter of fact, arranging and rearranging, sewing together , crocheting some granny stripes around the first central combination of  granny squares , adding more squares around them and  finally putting together  a lovely , sweet , happily coloured  blanket  .
I love this little blanket! I never tire of looking at it and I adore its candy colours.

 As there was some leftover yarn, I made some little cushions to go with the blanket.
Cushions are never enough!:)

Well, I hope you liked this little story of crochet   and I will leave you here my dear readers, for the time being , wishing you a lovely , warm and sunny May weekend .

Tina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Oh , this blanket is really lovely!
    Have a nice weekend,
    Margaret xx

    1. Thank you Margaret , you are always very sweet!!
      Tina xxxx

  2. What a beautiful, colourful blanket and such a gorgeous post about it! Your crochet is just gorgeous, and perfect for spring and summer!
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

    1. Thank you Helen. I really appreciate your comment because you are a very talented lady and you always make wonderful things.
      Have a nice week,

  3. Very nice job , you are fantastic Tina! All the things that you make are adorable!

  4. Καρφίτσωσα την 6η φωτογραφία του πλεκτού σου στον πίνακά μου Crochet στο Pinterest! Φιλιά,

    1. Χαίρομαι που σου άρεσε !
      Καλό απόγευμα,