Friday, June 26, 2015


This is the time of year that we often go camping for a weekend or so, to a place very dear to me , very green , quiet , close to the sea and full of happy ,childhood memories.
That’s why I would like to talk about camping to you today.
 I don’t know if you are the kind of person who likes going camping, because I know quite a few who are not very keen on spending some nights sleeping in a small  tent , lying on the rough surface of  an uneven ground , having to deal with all sorts of insects and small critters who  inhabit the area J.

 If you choose an organized camp site, then things are often quite easier , though crowded places, with cars that come and go and hordes of families who behave as if they own the place, may prove  quite ‘challenging’ for  your peace of mind.
I have actually camped in different places and under different conditions for many years and I can surely say that I like camping no matter how ‘tricky’ it might be, at times. 
I remember setting a tent on a mountain, near a lake, in early spring, listening to the croaking of hundreds of frogs who lived there and decided to give their performance while we were trying to get some sleep – it was actually the best lullaby we could have!!

 I have camped on remote beaches with no water or electricity, under a starlit sky, listening to the soft murmuring of the waves that makes me happy. It is amazing how bright stars are away from city lights and how soothing the sound of the sea can be!

 I can spend hours looking at the sky , head turned upwards , trying to identify the different constellations, catching  a glimpse of a falling star and making  a wish.

I also like it when I find a nice well organized camp site, with bungalows, and a traditional tavern with fresh sea food and umbrellas on a long , sandy beach.

Yes, I believe that the only way to feel close to nature and accept its generous gifts, is to sleep  in a humble abode , feeling and smelling the forest, the sea, the sand, the pebbles , the open air around you.

 I love watching the sun coming up , emerging from the depths of the blue sea in the distant horizon, listening to the birds happily singing at the arrival of the new day, and to the crickets when I go to sleep.

 These are things you may miss when you are staying at a big hotel watching TV and getting ready for a hundred different activities organized by others for you.
 This does not mean that I don’t like the luxury that nice hotels offer, but when I want to spend some quiet time close to Nature, then camping is my choice!

 What about you? What do you think about camping and what's your favourite way of spending some quiet time in the arms of  the countryside?

I will leave you here my dear readers, wishing you a sunny and warm summer weekend, hoping that you spend it wherever and however you like it best!!

Tina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. I wish you a very happy weekend by camping ... I also spend my holidays like you in a camping and my tent ... I also slept on many different elements, grass, stones, ice, sand, wood ... and I don't mind. I love so much being so close to nature ...

    1. WOW! Camping on ice must be really something challenging !!
      I'm glad we share similar interests!
      Have a nice ,new month!

  2. Υπέροχο θαλασσινό σκηνικό στην αγκαλιά της φύσης. Πολύ ελκυστικές εικόνες, τόσο ζωντανές που θα ήθελα να κάνω μιά βουτιά και να ονειρευτώ και εγώ κάτω από τα αστέρια. Μ'αρέσει πολύ το κάμπιγκ, μου θυμίζει τα πολύ νιάτα μου και ξένοιαστες, ευτυχισμένες διακοπές...Ευχαριστούμε Τίνα, να περάσεις υπέροχα!

    1. Ευχαριστώ πολύ για το σχόλιό σου και σου εύχομαι καλό μήνα και καλές διακοπές όπου και αν πας.
      Το καλοκαιράκι στη χώρα μας είναι πάντα τόσο όμορφο , παρά τις μεγάλες δυσκολίες που περνάμε σαν χώρα :(
      Τίνα xxx

  3. All through my childhood almost every holiday we had was a camping one, so I do have a real fondness for it. We have taken our own children on lots of camping trips and they all enjoy it, but it became quite hard work, so we've had a break for a couple of years. Now that they're grown up they share the work, so we may well go camping later this summer. Happy camping! :)
    Cathy x

  4. Thank you Cathy for sharing your camping memories with me.
    Tina :)