Thursday, August 6, 2015

Fish in a frame !!

Hello dear readers!
Today I’m back in  blogland ,after some time, with yet another idea to share with you.
If you feel like making something that will remind you of the vast , deep , blue sea and its inhabitants, you may be inspired by my little decorative item , that can be used to ornate a wall at home ,a shelf   or mantelpiece .
These are the steps I followed:
 STEP 1 : Cut out a piece of cardboard at the size you like.
 STEP 2: Use acrylic paint to give it the colour of the sand.
 STEP3:  Find a white, wooden frame , or make one, to fit the cardboard in.
  STEP 4: Use some, little pieces of drift wood ( you can paint them white, light blue or just varnish them) and a little fish that you can either buy or make yourselves using some balsa wood or clay .

 STEP 5: Arrange the pieces of drift wood on the frame , until you like the way they look and use some PVA glue to stick them on it. You can also use tiny seashells and/or pieces of tiles that you may also find drifted on the beach.
STEP 6: Stick the fish on the cardboard.

 STEP 7: If you want your fish to have some company and feel happy , make some more fishes using balsa wood and paint eyes, tail, and fins.
 STEP 8: Stick them on the cardboard and TA-DAH!

 FINALLY :  Enjoy your creation!!
You can also use sea urchins, starfish, tiny pebbles and anything else may make your little ‘scene’ more realistic!
Have fun with happy summery crafts dear readers and enjoy your August days and nights wherever you are!
My love to you all!!
Till next time,

Tina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

P.S. Internet connection is not that easy where I am now, so I'm sorry I can't keep in touch with you 
and your lovely blogs more often :(


  1. Thanks for these really lovely fishy ideas!

  2. Thanks for these really lovely fishy ideas!

  3. This is a lovely summery idea, it would be great fun to make with kids too. I love sea urchins, the ones in your photos are so pretty and colourful. Hx