Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Diary

Another week , another little project, another idea to share with those of you who like crafts and love creativity , for those who want to make things at home , without spending a fortune, using simple materials  that we all have in our drawers and shelves .
This week’s project is the transformation of a diary.
 I  am one of those many people who  keep diaries and I have been doing so for many years.  That’s why I always look for an attractive looking diary at the end of each year, to buy and accompany me for 365 days. The fact is that the diaries I usually find are either not attractive at all or  quite expensive . Some of them come at a very small size –which I don’t find handy at all , as they do not provide me with enough writing space.  There are others which contain sayings , mottos, excerpts from books , funny pictures and jokes or other not so interesting or even boring stuff.
I prefer diaries with just the basic things: important dates , telephones, some  maps and  plenty of writing space in each page.
 I was given a diary like this some days ago, but the cover was plain and cried for transformation!
 Some serious decoupage intervention seemed more than necessary.
I started by painting the black cover white, using acrylic colour.
I chose two napkins, a black and white and a burgundy one , with purple and golden details. I cut out wide stripes of napkin and used a decoupage glue to carefully stick the layers on the cover of the diary. You need to be careful at this stage to stretch out the napkin , firmly but smoothly, in order to avoid creases .
  Finally, I gave the cover a romantic and vintage touch by sticking a cameo figure on it.

 The back of the diary went through the same decoupage technique, but I added some silver and white acrylic colour to give it some extra ,shiny texture

 I am very happy with the way both the front and the cover of my new diary look J
I think I’m going to take it now, snuggle  in my sofa, with a cup of tea and my favourite pen , to write down some of the events and thoughts of the first days of 2016!:

 ‘My dear diary …………………………’.

Tina x


  1. Looks very swish. Well done. Now to go totally over the top you could add some sparkly jewels!

    I admire people who keep diaries. I'm tempted but it would mean collecting more STUFF!

  2. Thank you for the idea . I may go a step further and add some more sparkle!!
    Tina x

  3. Lovely idea , Tina.
    Thank you for sharing it with us.
    Have a lovely weekend .

    1. Thank you Linda!
      It is always good to read your comments.
      Tina xx

  4. I love pretty diaries but like you often find the ones I like best very expensive. This one looks fab, I hope you enjoy writing in it very much. Hx

  5. Thank you for you kind comment. Yes, I'm pretty happy with the way this little project turned out !
    Have a good week!
    Tina x

  6. i like your work ,Tina.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely ideas.
    Scarlet xxx

    1. Thank you Scarlet .Hope to hear from you soon again!
      Tina xxx