Saturday, June 11, 2016

The first days of Summer

Summer is here already and I’m happy the days are longer and warm.
Our little garden looks great these days , very green and vibrant .

 It gives me great pleasure to look around and see how well some bushes and flowers are doing, after the long winter period .

 I took some photos the other day around the garden and some favourite spots in the house , where we spend some of our weekends and holidays. 

 This is the best time of year for the house and garden, as we can have windows and doors open during the day and spend most of the time outside being surrounded by the green landscape, listening to the birds and the sounds of  nature.

 This is my most favourite corner at home, where I spend  my time reading my favourite magazines and books and doing some crochet or day -dreaming. 

I love the reflections on the wall.You can see the chandelier and the leaves of a tree outside! 

On the craft front, I managed to make some time and crochet a tiny blanket for my beloved baby son .

 I love the colours: soft, light blue and green, yellow and white ,the perfect colour combination for a  baby boy. 
I would like to add here that this blanket isn’t a finished project.

 I will  try to keep making it bigger and bigger as the baby  grows ! The blanket will grow with him!   Let’s consider it then, a work in progressJ

I wish you all a lovely summer Sunday!
(I don't know what plant this is , but I was amazed by its most unusual  ,'original' appearance!!)

My love,

Tina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. I love this little crochet blanket!Your garden looks fabulous.
    Have a lovely summer,

    1. Thank you sweet Grace!
      Have a wonderful summer time and holidays!!

  2. What a beautiful blanket. Love your garden the colours are gorgeous. Love the little hand on the photo.
    Got back from Rhodes a couple of weeks ago & it was like coming back tot eh frozen north we needed the heating on. Not sure whether we'll ever get a summer. Never mind I'm off to Italy. Work but it will be sunny!

    1. I hope you have a good time in Italy and enjoy a warm , summer weather.
      Thank you for your sweet comments.
      Tina x

  3. Hi Tina!
    You have a gorgeous garden and I am sure - a fantastic source of inspiration! The baby blanket is the cutest and that is one great idea to make it grow in time. What a heirloom possession that'll be!

    1. Thank you my friend, I believe the blanket will be a dear possession for him in the future!
      Tina x

  4. The blanket, the garden the sea, all so lovely.

    1. Thank you dear Amalia.
      I'm always glad to read your comments.
      Tina x