Friday, July 8, 2016

A summer wreath

Today’s craft is a summery one.
 Those of you who read my blog, know my love for wreaths. It is an ‘obsession’, actually. I can’t resist buying different frames or making them and then, decorating using either little items I make, or things I find at home or in the market.
 Some days ago, I bought a box of scented , plaster sea shells , drift wood and something that looks like tree bark  ( I found it in the big blue and yellow shop).

  thought of using them for creating a decorative item for a summer table. 

 I glued the white sea shells , drift wood etc. on a wreath and   I made this summer item  which can be used as a centrepiece for your table.
If you want to make your table look very summery , in an easy and inexpensive way, you can use a blue and white tablecloth, use crockery in shades of blue , 

add some items that remind us of summer, like a wooden seagull, seashells in various shapes, fish- shaped plates , pebbles, drift wood, glass seashells etc.

Let your  imagination free and present something pretty and welcoming for your family and friends!
Enjoy your summer meals and family gatherings !!!
My love to you all,
Tina J


  1. What lovely things you have. So pretty! Blue is my favourite colour, so peaceful & serene.

    1. I have been collecting different items over the years . I love unusual decorative items and some that have a playful character, they awaken the child in me!
      Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your kind comments.
      Tina x

  2. Seashells are so pretty, I love your summery photos with the gorgeous table settings. Hx

    1. Thank you so much. Seashells and items that remind me of summer are among my favourite.
      Thank you for visiting my blog!
      Tina x