Saturday, September 3, 2016

My little summer!

Hello my dear readers!!!
I’ve been absent from my blog for such a long time and I can honestly say I missed it!
 Summer time went by very fast and now sweet September is back with its mellow colours and chilly nights.
I love this month and Fall is certainly one of my favourite seasons.
 I love it when the first soft rains start , the first cyclamens bloom and when I buy some new school stationary. I love the smell of sharpened pencils and the paper in new notebooks .
 Although we are already in Autumn, I would like to share today with you some snap shots from my summer holidays and life .
We visited the island of Rhodes  this summer . I had been there before, many times ,  but it was nice to be back and enjoy a stroll around the Medieval town  , 

swim in the clear waters and enjoy the hospitality of its people.

 Back from Rhodes, we spent some time in our sweet , little country retreat which inspires us to be creative and where we always get involved into some sort of crafty activity.

This year we made a decorative ladder using chops of wood from a tree in our garden. We used some rope  and it was ready at no time!

 I always look around  the beach for round or  oval pebbles with an even surface which I either paint and draw or use decoupage and some paint to decorate them. I often make little gifts for my friends.
This year, I had a little helper with me ,my little sweet baby son,  who waited patiently next to his Mum waiting for me to finish my crafts and play with him . He is so sweet and understanding and such a good company, although he is so little!

Thank you for reading dear friends .
I hope to be back soon .
Have a lovely September weekend!
Tina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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