Thursday, October 20, 2016

October crafts!

I always feel  the impulse to make something with my little hands . I feel my fingers itching for yet  another craft, though this isn’t always feasible with a baby at home who is always  in need of my hugs, kisses and loads of care and attention.
 The  sweet baby is growing up so fast and turning from a baby to a little boy . Every day he surprises me with something new he has learnt and managed to do. It’s amazing how fast they grow and how much they understand, though they are so little!
 Anyway, I managed to make some time and  do some decoupage on a framed canvas using  5 different paper napkins and some paint .

 The final outcome is quite cute , I would say, and it will be one of the gifts I’ll offer to a baby girl  for her  christening .

 Some time ago, I crocheted lots of granny squares in pink, fuchsia and different shades of  yellow, for a blanket  which I finally never assembled, so  I thought of doing something with them .

  I  made a sweet, little  cushion which I embellished with a wooden button in the middle .  This one will be a present , too.
I love cushions . They can add to the decoration of your house . They  are a cheap and  easy way to change  a room a bit , freshen it up and beautify it.

 Another  little thing I made , is this little decorative bag .
I glued  together  its parts and  was ready at no time at all – it didn’t take more than 10' to put it all together. I got the clever  idea of gluing , instead of sewing, from a TV programme.I put inside it bsome painted sticks,  dry leaves and pine cones and hang it from my front door knob.
 I have quite a few flower pots on the stairs , outside my door and I create little vignettes that echo the change of  seasons. I feel so happy when I come back home and look at the greenery , the flowers, the handmade autumn wreath and the quirky  tea light holders.
 It’s a little green oasis for me !
 It’s so easy to create welcoming , happy corners at your home, with plants and colourful little pots.

 That’s all for now , dear readers .
 I hope you are well and have many creative , fun moments in your life!

Tina J


  1. your world is so bright and cheerful and colourful! I love it. And you live in Greece. I love the Greek islands, so I'm a tad envious!
    Have a wonderful Friday, and a beautiful weekend

    1. Thank you so much! Yes we are so lucky to live in such a sunny place . I try to create colourful spots around me at home , they lift my spirits and brighten my days.
      Tina :)

  2. Love all your bright and colourful makes in this gorgeous post! So many pretty things. Happy new week!
    Helen xox

    1. Thank you dear Helen.
      I love all the things you make , too!
      Tina :)

  3. Lovely presents Tina, I like cushions too for making a quick change. Hx

    1. Thank you dear,
      I'm glad you like my little creations!
      Tina :)